Post graduation runs

I started this programme as I had started a diet back in january and have managed to loose 4 and half stone. Managing to get from a size 20 to size 12. So thought it was time to start toning up. So tried cycling but that wasn't toning enough. So running was the next free exercise and challenge I needed.

So I completed this programme 2 weeks ago and havent really posted since. I am still running 3x a week and I am realky enjoying it and get really frustrated if I cant get out. So I was concentrating on doing 5k in 30 mins and then a friend gave me a challenge. So the challenge is 10k run in April. So have now been trying to increase my runs. So this morning I ran 5.5k in 35 mins. I am so pleased with this progress.

Hope you are all still doing well.

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  • Amazing results. Good luck with the new goal.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi, you really have achieved a lot this year, you deserve to feel pleased! Best of luck with your new challenge.

  • Thank you. I will keep posting and let you know how my new challenge is progressing x

  • That's great! You must be really pleased with what you've achieved. Keep up the good work

  • Thank you x

  • Wow a great inspiration, well done

  • Thank you x

  • Well done Snats, excellent achievement, good luck with your challenge :)

  • Thank you

  • That's an amazing achievement Snats! I'm inspired to go for 10k now. Need targets :-)

  • Thank you x

  • Your story sounds like a carbon copy of mine (except maybe the dress size.. I'm really not sure what my dress size is!!) I signed up for a 10k in April, 2 days after graduating in September. I am now comfortably running 10k once a week with one or two 5-8k runs during the week as well. I kind of wish I'd signed up for a race which was a bit closer so I could get it out of the way and start half marathon training. You've got this coming, you may be saying no way to a half marathon right now, but as soon as you run your first 10k in training, a wee thought will implant itself in your brain and won't go away til you sign up. Trust me.

  • Well thank you and yes I am saying no way to half marathon. But a few people have said that once your that close you may change your mind. We will see. I have only been doing this running for 12 weeks and already thinking of 10k runs. So by then I might need a new challenge. Good luck with yiur run in April. Where are you doing yours? X

  • What a wonderfully inspiring post. I stopped running and am trying to motivate myself to get going again. You have just given me the kick in the pants that I really needed. Thank you for sharing and good luck with whatever you have planned for your future running. Oh, and how about changing your photo for one of the 'new you'. Best wishes.

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