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Week 5 Run 3 - Done!!!!!

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Weeeeee!! I did it! I actually flipping did it! I'd say it's a better feeling than chocolate but I'd be lying. It is however a close second.

I was supposed to do the run yesterday but it was pouring down with rain and I was very tired so thought I wouldn't set myself up for a fall.

This morning I felt good. There was a slight breeze keeping it at a cool 10 degrees so off I set on my 5 minute walk. When Laura told me to start running, off I went. Nice steady pace. "You've been running for 5 minutes" - wait, what?! Is that all? Surely it's been longer than that!! Ok, keep going, one foot in front of the other. 10 minutes down. Ok half way through. Round the corner I went, dodge the dog walker, round the group of ramblers warming up and now I'm 15 minutes in. I think I might actually do this. Plod plod plod, I'm really hot now, I've slowed down a little bit because the end is so close. 2 minutes to go.......and there is Laura telling me I've done it. No way!! The grin on my face is instant and I'm so proud and pleased with myself for not stopping. It really was mind over matter for me today. There were a couple of times where I thought I could have a cheeky walk but I didn't - I just kept going and I'm pleased that I did.

If this is how I feel after this week, how on earth am I going to feel when I finish the plan. Looking forward to that feeling!!

Very happy face ticked on the app today.

22 Replies
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Yey well done 👍👍👍 had to drop in to see how smiley your selfie was 😁

Over half way now x

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LadyP79 in reply to SendWine

Ha ha ha!! Normally I wait until I've recovered my breathe to take one but this time I took it as soon as I had finished so there you have the genuine goofy grin. Roll on week 6!

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Wow Hoo incredible! It gets so much easier when you don't stop.. You need some red lipstick to match that great nail varnish! XX

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LadyP79 in reply to Michele2017

Ha ha ha - I'd look like a member of Kiss if I wore makeup while running! Maybe for my graduate photo I'll put a bit of lippy on 😊😂

It really does get easier without a break. You get into more of rythmn and just relax into it 😊

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Michele2017Graduate in reply to LadyP79

We have a few women here who always wear red lipstick. I do now as it makes me feel more glam and happy and goes with my nice clothes ( no mascara as we would have an alice cooper moment!!). I am positively beetroot after my 30 mins runs so there is a small clash with the colour! You look an amazing colour no beetroot anywhere!!!!

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Absolutely brilliant!

It is a great feeling to have nailed this one.

Good luck next week.

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LadyP79 in reply to RobW73

Thank you!!

Me too! I finished it today. Still in shock. I felt the same as you when Laura said I'd been running for five mins - thought - feels more like five days! Could do without that tbh - I nearly gave up there & then! Well done for completing it - here's to W6 - although we need to be careful - reading on here W6R1 is a tricky one.... good luck & keep us posted.

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LadyP79 in reply to

I'm a little worried about week 6. After the high I got today I'm worried I'm going to get cocky and mess it up. Just need to repeat slow and steady wins the race 😊

in reply to LadyP79

Absolutely- I'm going into it with no expectations & slow & steady. We'll be fine. We got this.

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Well done, that’s the big one nailed :)

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LadyP79 in reply to HoagyM

Thank you!! Quite chuffed 😊

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I have just done W5R3 already!!!!! Felt like I have finished a marathon line lol 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😁😁😁

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LadyP79 in reply to Tina_oom

Well done, it's a good feeling when you finish and you realise that you've just run for 20 minutes non stop!!

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Awesome!!! Well done you. Hope I feel like that in down the line

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LadyP79 in reply to Whoknew2018

You'll be fine. You'll feel great when you finish!!

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That was exactly me today I've just completed that run too 😀

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Good well done

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Congratulations 🥳 It’s a great feeling isn’t it?

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Massive well done on completing this run! I hope you're still grinning from ear to ear 😁

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Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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🎉🎉well done

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