Week 5 Run 3. I did it!!

Having spent most of Saturday either travelling or hanging around airports I wasn't over-confident about running for 20 mins straight on Sunday. I headed down towards the lake (Achensee) and set off at a nice steady (for "steady" read "slow"!) pace. I followed the path until it appeared to be moving away from the lake and turned round without changing pace. I ran back beyond where I'd started and turned round again shortly after Laura told me that I had just 5 mins to go. And I did it! I was so pleased with myself I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Unfortunately I didn't have an Internet connection at that point. But I'm telling you now!

To all the people who have yet to get to this point in the programme, I have to tell you that it is possible to go from W5R2 to W5R3, however unlikely it seems. Have faith in the programme. It really does work! And you'll feel so proud of yourself!


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16 Replies

  • Well done ...and what a beautiful part of the world to do it in too

  • Makes a nice change from running round my local rec!

  • Thanks for posting this. I'm on Week 5 now and have R2 tomorrow and R3 on Friday. I did wonder how I was going to go from running 5 mins to 20 mins but your comments have spurred me on.

  • Whoever did it first deserves a medal. It's hearing about other people managing this that gives me the belief that I can too!

  • Well done. Its amazing that you can go from 8 minutes to 20.

  • It is pretty amazing but, as Laura said, it's more about the mental challenge than the physical. It also helps that I know that loads of people have done this before me!

  • O my gosh, Miss_T, I'm getting a sunburn from your SMILE! Isn't that first long run just the greatest thrill!?!? Good going!

    Have fun!

  • :-)

    Yeah, it's awesome!

  • Yea! Well done you. V appropriate name for a lake to run around - Ache n see !

  • Actually I wasn't too achy. I was ready for a nice shower, though!

  • Congratulations for doing the 20 minutes and thanks for what you wrote - I'm doing the 8 minutes tomorrow and the 20 on Friday and you've helped convinced it's possible. It's all in the head, isn't it - well, almost? I can "see" the 8 minutes, but not the 20 yet, but I'm sure that once I've done 8 then my imagination won't be so stretched. Good luck with the next hurdle!

  • The trick is to pace yourself. Having done it myself, I'm absolutely convinced that you can do it too. If you've done all the previous runs then you have done all the preparation you need. And you will feel really proud of yourself once you've done it.

  • I am still going - W5R2 this morning and it wasnt too bad. Will be running on Friday and trying the big '20'.

    Good luck to all of us

  • Good luck. Not that you'll need luck - you've put in the training. You can do it!

  • Thanks, you're a great encouragement.

  • Same stage for me too. The programme has been very motivational and the forum an inspiration. Bring on the 8 mins tomorrow!

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