Week 5, run 3

Well, I set off on this one with some doubt that I'd be able to manage running for the entire 20 minutes but I did it!

My breathing was fine and I settled into a very slow steady pace. By the time Laura said I'd done 5 minutes I was convinced I'd done at least 8! However the next ten, fifteen and twenty minutes went by pretty fast. The music and encouragement helped massively. My legs felt ok BUT.... I was slightly disappointed and under whelmed after completing the run. I am so pleased I ran for 20 minutes but on the flip side I found it tough, felt I was barely moving and I am so slow. I am wondering if all my runs are going to feel like a slow slog or if I will ever be a runner who can keep up a good pace.

Slightly disheartened as I was expecting to feel elated after this one.


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  • Well done debze! :)

    What did we tell you? I knew you could do it. At this moment in time it really doesn't matter how far you've gone or how quickly you run. Just chugging away for the full 20 minutes is all that is needed, and you did it! So well done. The pace will come later on, after graduation.

    Now when you come to start week 6, be very wary and do *not* try to go too quick as it may just catch you out. It nearly did with me, and I only just more or less stumbled over the finish line.

  • Thank you! Yep I am glad I managed it , I suppose i just expected it to be easier..but on to week 6 either tomorrow or Sunday...onwards and upwards with a slow pace :)

  • Yes, I think we all struggle to get to that finish line, but the important thing is the fact you carried on and got there, you didn't give up. Well done!

    All the best with the start of week 6 tomorrow or Sunday. (I will be starting my week 7 tomorrow).

  • Thank you! and good luck too :) It's amazing how far we have come!

  • It certainly is, and we haven't finished yet debze! :D

  • Come on.. you did it and speed... that is no problem. Time for that much later :)

    Slow, steady and taking it gently.

    Next week, you are ready for, but take it as ever, in the same way.

    Don't be disappointed.. celebrate how far you have come... focus on the now..not the next..you will get there:)

  • Yep I will do and thank you for the encouragement! :)

  • You did better than me! I've just got in from this same run, but with an impromptu walking break after about 13 mins. Only for a minute or so, so not the end of the world, but I just couldn't quite get through.

    Instead of focusing on the negatives, think how far you've come! Even right before you did the run you didn't think you could do 20 mins - but you DID! You beat those gremlins and proves that both your mind and body are stronger than they are. Don't let them get you now in the aftermath, just cos that's the only time they can catch up with you! ;)

  • Thank you! Yep I suppose I should focus on the positives of completing it and concentrate on speed later. I won't let the gremlins catch up ;)

  • O i just graduated on wed & still am slow & find it hard! & every new run i think is going to feel easier its only a few that do seem ok ! I had a great run on Sunday my second last run & felt elated just a few secs quicker! Yes secs๐Ÿ˜€ But i felt terrific then my last run ( on programe ha ha! I plan to keep going!!) was sliow ! It was windy, inclines as i changed routes as dark & i didnt get the same buzz but i had finixhed week 9 run 3๐Ÿ˜Š Sometimes we have to be kinder to ourselves we have come a long... way from the couch!!! I never made 5k but i did make 30 mins running & thats whats great im a sliw running ha ha! Working now ti get to 5k then speed! Keep posting as great encouragement here from everyone & you are doing fantastic ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘x

  • Thank you! the encouragement on here is so helpful..it really does help get through the plan. We certainly have come a long way and it's far better than sitting on the couch :)

  • Nice work Debze.

    I am putting this back on to you. Your first post you said "I can't imagine being able to run for 30 minutes as it's a struggle doing 60 seconds".

    You have just done 20 mins. Be proud of yourself as this week you have said " am so pleased I ran for 20 minutes"

    Thats progress for you and you still have 4 more weeks to go This is the part of the programme that I really started to enjoy running, and the hard work starts to really pay off.

  • ah that is true! Yep I did say that and looking back there is no way I could have ran for 20 minutes 5 weeks ago. It is a great plan and I'm determined not to let the hard work go to waste. I guess I have another 4 weeks left so plenty of time before I need to worry about speed. :)

  • The main thing is that you did it. As others have said don't worry about speed just keep going and you will graduate. I am also very slow but we are running and that is a great achievement. The last few weeks feel a bit relentless so I altered my route. That helped a bit as it gave me some other things to think about.

  • Thanks I will keep plodding along and try not to worry about speed. I keep looking behind me expecting runners to sprint past me and feel silly but so far that hasn't happened as it's quite a nice quiet path.

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