Week 5 Run 3

I only went and blinking did it! I simply don't have the words to describe how pleased I am with my efforts. There's no way I could have done it a couple of months ago, not a chance. To cap it all, when Laura said I had just two minutes left I actually sped up! To all of you that have encouraged me so far, my sincere thanks, you'll never know how much its helped me. A long way to go before graduation beckons, but blow me I CAN run for 20 minutes! :) :) :) :)


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34 Replies

  • Well done! :-D what an amazing achievement, especially being able to speed up at the end! :-)

  • Thank you. I must admit to rather a lot of fist pumping when Laura said the 20 minutes were up :)

  • Same for me :-D and why not? :-)

  • Well done you! It's a brilliant feeling, I know. You are right to be proud of yourself, just watch out now for W6r1 - regardless of how keen you feel, take it slow!

  • Thank you. I honestly could not have done it 2 months ago. I do indeed have a rather inane grin permanently on my face at the moment. :)

  • 20 mins, all in one go, that's proper running and YOU can do that. Well done !

  • Congratulations - brilliant stuff - it is truly a wonderful feeling. There is quite a way to go but you are on hte home straight - if you can do 20 minutes you'll do 30 - that's guaranteed, so stick at it. :)

  • Congratulations - brilliant stuff - it is truly a wonderful feeling. There is quite a way to go but you are on hte home straight - if you can do 20 minutes you'll do 30 - that's guaranteed, so stick at it. :)

  • Brilliant! Enjoy the feeling. That's quite an achievement and you should be very proud.

  • Congratulations -a good day for the good guys. Keep us posted!

  • It is indeed! Many thanks.

  • Hurrah! W5R3 is a real milestone, so truly well done.

    Watch out for W6R1 though, as for some reason it's a complete b*gger! Stay positive, and you'll be fine!

  • I too completed this run today! 20 whole minutes...who'd have thought. Well done you, well done me!

  • Hurrah! Well done. Great feeling isn't it? :)

  • awesome. It's a really good feeling when you do something you didn't think was possible. And speeding up at the end must feel even better.

  • Thank you. The 'glass half empty' part of my brain tells me that if I could speed up I wasn't going fast enough to begin with, but it seemed that as soon as Laura said "just two more minutes" I seemed to get a burst of new energy!

  • Great stuff! Wdll done indeed

    Good news is that you can keep having this feeling of elation.

    Happy running

  • I completed Week5 run3 last night. I'm almost 21 stone and felt proud to actually manage 20 minutes last night. 6 weeks ago I struggled with week 1 run 1. Coughing my lungs up. I'm actually looking forward to week 6 run 3. I find myself constantly looking for new routes on Ordnance Survey maps site. Good luck for the future.

  • Well done you. I've changed my route for the last two runs I've done, because I realised I could cover a flatter route (my regular route has a couple of 'challenging' inclines) and it seems to have made a difference, as does seeing some different scenery. (Well, different houses). Good luck with week 6 :)

  • Fantastic progress. It's a good idea to look at maps. I can't seem to leave my local park and the field next door. I have not yet tried running on Tarmac.

    good luck in week 6

  • Well done to all of you who completed W5R3. That feeling of sheer joy at the end of it is one feeling I will never forget.

    Savor the moment but do be carefully of W6, it can catch you out.

  • Thank you Hepsychan :)

  • Well done. I remember that run well and posted a very similar post to yours. The end is in sight keep up the good work :-)

  • Thank you Zoe :)

  • Thats fantastic, Well done you! :)

  • Thanks very much Aliboo :)

  • Excellent work soldier... Now go get week 6. Xx

  • Thank you Sparky. Can't wait to get started on week 6, these rest days are a b*gger! :)

  • I seem to remember just being glad to finish that first 20 min run never mind having a victory sprint at the end! Congratulations, that one is a toughie :)

  • Thank you so much. It surprised me to be honest!

  • Awwwww well done you. Especially the speeding up at the end. I almost cried when I did mine I was so chuffed. So pleased for you. Just watch week 6 run 1. It bit me in the bum when I least expected it. Go you

  • Thank you Barbara. You're not the first to warn me about w6r1 - it looks like it should be a piece of cake but it sounds like it's caught a few people out. I must admit I did have a tear or two when I got home and said I'd done it, my daughter said "You're my daddy, you were always going to do it" Gulp!

  • Oh bless your daughter. You're obviously her hero

  • Congratulations, twenty minutes is such a big milestone. I'm doing mine today, fingers crossed and wish me luck :)

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