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I did W3 R1!

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I've been putting it off. I repeated week 2 because I was terrified. But tonight I did W3, R1 and I managed to run the 3 minutes, both times! I went so "slow & steady" that at one point I thought my feet were running backwards - I'm not joking. But I did it.

I honestly can't believe it.

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Nobody said this was a time trial Loo. Sometimes I feel that I'm more walking quickly than running, but as long as both feet are off the ground at some point, it all counts.


Time to start believing in both the plan and yourself.

It works and you do too.

Wll done

Keep going your doing great πŸ–’

Thanks πŸ‘£

Well done!! X


Slow and steady is good - well done πŸ˜€


Well done. You’ll soon be running for 20 mins and then for even longer. Stick with the program and trust yourself.

This is me on my next run, so nervous about it that I'm thinking of doing week 2 again. Did you feel repeating W2 worked for you, as in you felt more confident to do W3? Well done to you

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Well done on completing W2. I'd just move on to W3. Yes it may 'seem' tough but from experience it's the best thing to do. If you repeat W2 then yes you should see an improvement in performance from the first time because your muscles will have gained that extra strength. But I have found that we also need to strengthen up mentally as this is as much a psychological challenge as it is a physical one. Trust in the program. Every week it is a tougher challenge and I found slow jogging is the key not speed or distance. I'm an unhealthy 50 year old obese ex-smoker who'd never run before and struggled to complete a single one minute run in W1. But having had faith in and sticking to C25K I am now on W8 and a hairsbreadth from running for the full 30 mins nonstop. Your body can handle it; it's convincing your inner voice that's the challenge. Well done again πŸ˜€

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Do not repeat week 2. I believe loads of people feel nervous about the progression, me included. You always have the option to run a shorter time but I bet you don't. Go for it.


I think we all felt like that - I know I did. The advice to me on here was only repeat a run if you haven't completed it. Sound advice. Now when I'm panicking about the next week (I'm on W5 ATM) I just think - give it a go - if you can't do it - doesn't matter - just repeat it next time. Calms me right down & I usually get through it. Well I have so far! Good luck.

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Very good advice


Well done, my next run is W3R1, I'm feeling really nervous about the 3min runs, I'll post an update tomorrow on how I get on.

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