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. Motivation for 1st run


Hi this is me.

Wanting to do the very first run.

Maybe it will be today, tomorrow, this week? I'll try today. When it's cooler and not so many people about. Hope I can get to doing it.

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Hi! Good luck with your first run. Motivation is hard sometimes, but I’m starting to get a bit excited about the idea of going out (I’m on w3r3). What made it for me was getting some proper running clothes and trainers. I agree though - I’ll wait until the temperature drops a bit before I go tonight!

Good luck! The key is not to stop, keep going! It’s so rewarding when you finish


Vulnerability is the most accurate measurement of courage.

It takes courage to ask for what you


You have just demonstrated that with your post here.

This is the best fitness decision of your life and the best forum for support.

The C25k programme, Administrators and members will

look after you.

Essential reading the FAQ Posts.

Keep visiting the forum and asking for what you need as required.

Just take it slow and steady,run by run, footfall after footfall landing lightly.It takes time to strengthen your running legs and lungs.

Important you must never run on consecutive days.A Run is always followed by a non run day.

Wishing you Atb., you will not regret your decision.

kathyred333 in reply to Tbae

Thank you Tbae, third run today and dreading so much but yes, I'll do it. I'll save your words for days like this and yes perhaps I should dip into the forum a but more often so I can feel part of a :team',ie not on my own! Thank you x

TbaeGraduate in reply to kathyred333

You will do it , believe in you and the programme.

Just slow and steady and slower to find your happy pace that you can sustain.This helps us all through the initial sticky phase and we are all proned to go off too fast.

The two Mentor’s mantras of this C25k programme are Slow and steady and No fear only belief and enjoyment.🌟👏👏

Look forward to hearing of your success and remember they are all good runs on our journey of continuous learning and building our running bodies.It takes time.🌟👏👏


Hi.. welcome....

Check this out.... pick up those shoes and go:)

We are right there..running with you:)


kathyred333 in reply to Oldfloss

How bloody marvellous!!!! Yayyyy!


Hey, 4 weeks ago my 76 year old mother beat me running on the beach... I stopped after about 15 seconds!! Soooooo unfit it was embarrassing. Today I ran for 16 minutes!!! I won't lie, it hasn't been easy but mind over matter... It IS possible and keep checking in here where people will encourage you all the way! Now.... Get out there, put the podcast on and jog as slowly as you need to (smile nicely at the snails as they overtake) 😃

Hahaha just fab-u-lous!! I'll keep this and read many more times I'm sure xx


You've posted something so you've already made your commitment. We'll all be cheering you on. Take it slow and steady, but get those trainers on, go outside and be prepared to astonish yourself! If people look at you it's probably because they're thinking "I wish I had the courage to do that".

That a great way of thinking!! Thank you x

Makes you feel simply terrific after, each time. Honest- try it.


When I first started, I only ran in the dark. It was often snowing so I could hide in hoods too 😂

I think you should go tonight otherwise you’ll be thinking about it all day tomorrow too. I’m going out at 8pm.

You’ll feel so fantastic once you’ve been 💪🏽

Good luck!

Oh and slow down and then slow down more 👌🏽


I did my first run this morning. Very out of shape but it went well. Almost looking forward to Wednesday.

kathyred333 in reply to Ritmo

We just have to keep on going. I think I just don't believe that I will ever be able to run for pleasure or run when it doesn't hurt so much... So motivation is really to see if it can be done? Let's do this together? Xxx

I started today...have had the App for two weeks before i got up today and said YES today’s the day. Feel so much better that i’ve broken the ice..go for it !!!!😃

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