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Couch to 5K
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1st Run

To all of you who gave me so much encouragement I would like to thank you very much.

I have completed my first run. It was incredibly hard at the beginning especially with being asthmatic!,I wasn’t sure I could keep going, but I managed to get through to the end. I now feel great!!!!

As you know I was feel self conscious so I chose to run round a local resivour. I came across several dog walkers and one runner, all of whom were friendly.

My next question is what clothes am I best to get to run in at this time of year? As today I ran in a mis match of clothing and my husbands old running jacket which I felt a little daft in.

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Hoorah for you.

That is a first and major step.

Keep us posted with your progress.


Congratulations! I just did run 4 last night, phew! Getting there!

I have the same issue. Having done no real exercise for years I don't have a gym kit! I have been running in 2 bras...(either lost or threw away my sports bra at some point), some old jogging bottoms which are far too big and long but I hitch them up over my hips and tie them tight and an old thermal top I bought for a sponsored sleep out 3 years ago! I look a sight! I have just bought a proper sports bra and a running cap and have promised myself a proper 'kit' when I get to 5k and beyond. I do have some decent running trainers so at least my feet are okay.

I wouldn't worry about how you look. I don't. I am usually well dressed and wouldn't be seen dead outdoors without a full face and a nice matching outfit. I think exercising is different though, and I see getting to 5k and buying a wardrobe as another incentive to keep going.

My advice would be not to worry about how you look for now, worry about how you're going to afford your new wardrobe when you drop 3 sizes and need some running skins for each season!

Good luck!

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Hi it was you first run as well. I was not sure if I was able to start but here im . I have actually completed first day. Not sure if I 100% did right as my brisk walk wasn't as fast.

I wore winter clothing. Thick coat, hat and gloves as i have just got better from horrible cold and cough.

I was really nervous and unsure but now I feel kind of proud to complete this. While on 90 second walks I didn't want 60 second run to start. Not sure if running in the park was any good because we have so many bends and slopes and stairs that I couldn't follow instructions 100% accurately.


Well done! did my first run yesterday and so I think I can understand how you feel. I’m hoping I can do it all again tomorrow!! Enjoy the sense of achievement!


I wouldn't worry too much about clothing at this stage. Just wear something you feel comfy in and that's not too heavy or restrictive. You can always treat yourself to a graduation gift of a new running outfit and or new shoes.

Good luck and have fun out there! Take it slow!

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Maybe Invest in a decent sports bra, I’m new to running too and my fist run was very uncomfortable due to lack of appropriate support!


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