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W3 R3- wow, I can't quite believe it!

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I went in to this run (happy) in the knowledge that this week has been a fairly tough one for me and that, although i have just about managed to complete all of the runs this week, it has been a real push for the last minute of the 3 mins (breath totally out of control and barely pushing myself forward with each stride)- so I was ready to repeat the week, or atleast a run or two.

I'm not sure at what point it happened, but in the second 3min run, I suddenly realised that I had stopped thinking about when the next walk section was coming and was actually 'in the moment', enjoying my music and feeling pretty comfortable. I was only jolted back to reality at 2 mins when I heard Laura's voice and i still managed to switch back to my 'in the moment running' until the end of the final minute. I even felt like I could continue for a little longer! (I was a good student and stopped when I was told, safe in the knowledge that I will be pushed further next week).

So, i definitely didn't think I'd be saying this at this point, but... I think I'm ready to give week 4 my best shot on my next run!

It feels amazing to say that because at the start of this run, i definitely didn't feel I was there yet!

Woohooo 😁 who said big girls can't run?! Xxx

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Well done!!! I’ve got week 3 next week and I’m dreading the 3 minutes.

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MamaHogg in reply to Nannymo30

I was a little worried about them too but believe me, your mind makes more of them than they actually are... if you concentrate on the things you have learnt so far- slow pace, steady breathing, short strides, less bounce, good music!- you will get through them and by the end of the week, you'll wonder what you were worrying about!

This week for me has felt like quite a transition in my mind set during the runs. The longer runs help you to stop thinking about the end goal (stopping to walk!!) and begin living more in the moment.

It will be hard, but i think you'll surprise yourself! Xx

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Nannymo30 in reply to MamaHogg

Thank you, that makes me feel better. I’m 65 but fitter than I’ve ever been and determined to stay that way. Hope you don’t mind but I’m following you to see your progress.

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We'll done for completing another week.

I understand completely what you mean about not trying to anticipate the next walk. I almost wished Laura didn't interfere...

Let us know how the start of week 4 goes.

glad to read this about being out of breath. I ended up berating myself out loud to get through the first 3 minute run this week, but i did it....

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MamaHogg in reply to BecksC25K

Well done! I'm sure (like me) that by the end of the week, those 3 minutes will feel much easier and you'll feel ready to move on to the next challenge in week 4 xx

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