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Week 8 - I can't believe it!


I am fickle and I lack stickability.

This has been my downfall on many occasions before when I've started a new diet/exercise plan, I strat off super keen and take it too far, I get really hungry or sore, and I give up after a month.

Which is why I am so happy to now be in week 8 of C25K!!! :)

The first 10 mins of any run are normally pretty hellish, as was the case this morning. When Laura marks the first 5 mins and tells me I should be settling into a nice rhythm, I think that my rhythm must be experimental jazz 'cos it's all over the place! :) Then, imperceptibly over the next 5 mins or so, I ese into it, I feel looser, and my pace picks up. And I enjoy it! :) :) :)

I altered my route today, as my previous loop wasn't quite long enough any more, and I must look like an idiot fast walking the last few mins up and down my street! The variety was good, although it's a bit hilly!

On these longer runs, I am finding I need to stretch. Also, I have taken up some other exercise, a bit of resistance training and conditioning, to hopefully improve my strength and posture and avoid injury.

Like many of you, I've been noticing increasing fitness but that hasn't been showing on the scales. I'm lucky in that I'm not a million miles off the healthy weight bracket (about a manageable 10lbs, although I'd like to be a stone lighter). Hopefully upping the physical activity with this resistance training will help shift a few pounds. I'm eating sensibly but just can't face the thought of counting points/calories/whatever!

I'm off on business for a few days next week, and looking forward to running some of week 9 in a new setting.

No doubt, the people in this community are a HUGE part of my sticking with something for this long. It's great to have your input, advice and encouragement! Thank you, my running friends :) I wouldn't still be here without you! :)

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I love this post...says it all :)

Well done and keep going x



Well done for sticking to the plan.

Keep going and finish strong, the new environment for the last week actually sounds fun.

Good luck.

You'll be a graduate before you know it :)


Like you week 8 done, harder run today for some reason, but became easier at the end, in fact did 29 mins to test myself for next week


you seemed to be talking about me with the fickle and lack of stickability!!

am exactly the same, but have managed to graduate the c25k programme.. i too havent seen any results on scales tho, but i know its because my input is greater than my output.. but on the otherhand i feel pretty fit!!

well done and keep it up!!


It's a great feeling and brilliant when you realise you're going to stick to something because you actually like it, I never thought I would ever like running but I do! Good luck for your last week and graduation! :)


Seems a common theme - we start out of a sense of 'we ought to exercise' and end up doing it because we love it! :)

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