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W4 started - can't believe I was so nervous


Did my first run of week 4 this morning. When my alarm went off at 5.50am I was so nervous for the 5 minute runs that I actually had butterflies.

I loved it! I took the advice to go super super slow and I was glad I did, at no point during the run did I feel like I couldn't complete it. I even managed to run fast for the last 2 mins, which was so much fun.

Definitely my favourite run so far, I'm absolutely buzzing :D

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Well done! It's no nice when it goes better than you were expecting.

Well done! I’m also on week 4 and was initially dreading the 5 minute runs but like you I surprised myself. I’m taking each new week very slowly to start with and then increasing my speed a little towards the end if I feel good. Hope you continue to enjoy C25K and I’ll see you at the finish line!

Sounds perfect kate!😊x

Onwards and upwards just the same way...


Fantastic, l was the same. I am on run3 wk4 tomorrow and 5 minutes no longer seems daunting. 3 minutes seems really easy!! This programme is very clever. Keep going ☺

I am just away to start week 4 with my first run tomorrow and I, like you, am feeling very nervous about it so glad to hear that it went well. Hopefully we will reach the finish line together :-)


I'm also on week 4. I was dreading it and couldn't imagine running for 5 minutes but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Although I still found it hard. Bit stiff today but hoping tomorrow will be a little easier 2nd time around. Fingers crossed.

Well done, I'm really impressed. I've just finished w4r1 and I could only just keep jogging at the end, amazed you ran fast you're doing great!!

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