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W6R3 ... can't quite believe it

So all week, this run has been looming and I have been quite worried about it. The 20 minutes last week felt tough and I wasn't quite sure I could do another 5 minutes this week... well not only did I do another 5, I did another 13! Today I started with my 5 mins and ran for 33 minutes and covered 4.74 km ... Total time was 40 minutes.

Never in my life have I run this far in one go... ever!

When I started out my run today (in very drizzly weather) I wasn't sure I would even do 5 minutes but then I managed to get into my rhythm. I'm so thrilled to have started this journey - it has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself.

For anyone starting out and feeling like it's too hard or - believe me it is. Follow the process, be kind to yourself and listen to your body. I could honestly barely make the first week of running and here I am 2 months later doing this. Stick with it - I promise you won't regret it.

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What a great message, I'm sure it will inspire those struggling with the first few runs.


Fantastic...and you have proved that Week 6 is there for a reason...😊

Going back to walk intervals having done the 20 mins foxes most of us..but it does build stamina and confidence.

Great stuff keep going...😊


Great post, for new runners it's true, for those of us there or thereabouts we can echo your sentiments.

Well done😊


Really well done.

Just a note of caution though. Don't be tempted to overdo things in week 7. Try just to stick to the 25 minutes even when you feel you can go further. Overuse is the most common way to pick up an injury.


Good advice. Well done


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