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On to week 9! Can't quite believe it!

I have a confession to make though. I have strayed a bit from the plan, as instead of completing 28 mins for week 8 I have done 30 mins for runs 1 and 2, and my third run today was a run from work to nursery to pick up the kids! They looked a bit surprised when I turned up in my running gear, red-faced and just a bit sweaty. It was only 22 mins but it was such a great feeling to change out of my work clothes and get running after sitting at my desk all day. I think I'll definitely be doing that again, as it saves on bus fare and means I have more time in the evenings!

I have also not been using the podcasts (sorry Laura!) but I'm finding that I can motivate myself and enjoy my own music. I've also started swimming once a week with a friend so have really got a good regular exercise routine in place now, which I am just so happy about! I feel great! Really hope I can make this a part of my life long-term now.

So a few more 30 min runs and I'll consider myself a graduate and put in for my badge!

Happy running everyone :)

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Sounds to me like you are already there, edqa. As you have probably noticed on the forum, there can be a feeling of limbo after graduating, without the regular satisfaction of successfully completing a new stage of a training plan, so being self motivated and having a regular exercise partner should keep you going long term.

Congratulations on getting here and we look forward to your grad post.


Well done!! Sounds great and you've set yourself up well for the future :) I keep turning up at nursery with my running gear on too! Lord knows what they think of me! ;)


Fantastic! Well done! I'm still being a good girl and following the podcasts. Second run of Week 8 done and dusted this morning :)


you are a star.Think you have already graduated.Keep it up now,and the kids will be so proud of their mummy x


Thanks all! I see a lot of people go on to train for races and fun runs, so I may well aim for one of those in the future. I'll also try to get to 5k, as I haven't actually managed that yet! But currently just enjoying making it a habit and fitting into my pre-first-pregnancy clothes, hurray! :)


Well done! Sounds brilliant. I am also sticking with Laura. Now know who Julie is! Strangely like week 8 music - must be being brainwashed!


I admire the parents that turn up to my nursery in running gear! (I work in one!) well done on fixing a routine, I've had trouble keeping mine lately!

And Deb I think I liked the music then too, and week 9 now!


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