I cant quite believe this

Please bear with me on this post there is a point to it and a reason why it is in week one topic.

So tonight I went out very late for me about 9 pm as it was getting dark, down the hill along the canal path with the trees overhead as the light faded, and was very quickly into a meditative state counting the beats of my feet and listening to my breathing, fully in the moment. it felt like a night to run a long time so I kept running past the 35 mins past the 40 mins and onto the 45 mins I could have gone on but decided to stop so as not to build up too fast and risk an injury.

when I measured the run I was disappointed it was only 7km .......... and then I laughed out loud ONLY 7KM !!!! when I started earlier this year in Feb I could barley run one minute without panicking !!!!! so good to be alive so good to be getting fitter :-)

I am going to take the liberty of posting this in week 1 simply to prove to those of you like me that struggled to get started that this really works, so keep at it you will get there. keep posting your experiences they are great to read, they help you and help others



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  • well done Nick :) yes know what you mean about that! i ran to my friend BBQ last night along the river and thought "oh, i've only gone 4.35km" but then thought, "actually that's quite a long way to run without stopping and on a warm day- feel proud!" :) you've made a very good point! :)

  • Well that makes me feel better, thank you for sharing :-)

  • Well done Nick. It is a fantastic programme isn't it!

  • sure is :-)

  • I can relate Brother! I was SO upset with myself that I could 'only' run 2.2 miles on my thirty minute Graduation run - was very despondent until, like yourself, I saw the irony of it all. I thought I was going to collapse half way through W1D1 and now miffed because I run thirty minutes! Ungrateful wretch that I am! :)

  • Brilliant Nick...

    I too used to think, 'it's over a mile" to wherever', get the car out...now, it is very much "It's only a mile.. " run it and then some :)

    Amazing programme this surely is and as you say, if folks start and just follow it steadily.. they will succeed..

    Now, I am Just off for my 'only a 4 K ' morning wake up run along the banks of the Vezere :)

    Thanks for that post reminding us all of just how far we have come ! :)

  • Sounds lovely floss!๐Ÿ˜Š

    Ps bought my strawberry tart yesterday,shared with dad!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • YES! This is brilliant! we so easily forget the horrors of Week 1 - the 'can't breathe' feelings, the 'shame' of not being able to finish all the runs, the panic of being seen by anyone, the disgust of the sweat and beetroot-face!

    So good to remember back and think how far we've come :) Happy running to you :)

  • Yes. YES! I'm having a sort of rest for a bit, it's so hot here. I "only" ran 14 KM last week, a 9K and a 5K, who ever would have thought I could run 9 KM? Certainly not me, and certainly not thinking it was not much!

  • Ah well done!! Yeah I need to hear this at the moment, have just finnished week two (after getting an injury and having to stop, its taken me 6 weeks to get to the end of week two!). I feel like I am not making any progress, "lady week" has holted everything for me as well and just feel like I'm never going to be able to do 5K!! Can only manage to run twice a week and feel so lazy! So this was great motivation :D :D well done you!! And thanks for sharing! xxx

  • Hannah if it is any use to you I was stuck with an injury for about three weeks due to a foot problem. I also felt that I would never get to that 5K. it turned out that the gremlins work even harder when you have stopped running than when you do run. my advice is ignore them heal that injury and get back out there with a determined smile on your face.

    being a 53 year old man I will offer you no advice on lady week !

    Kindest Regards


  • That's a great run.

  • You're so right Nick, we're easily disappointed with our runs and it is a fantastic reality check to remember our running roots and where we started from in w1. Anyone reading this in w1, take it from all of us who've been there, you will make so much progress if you stick with it. I ran 45k in total last week, not terribly fast but boy did I struggle in w1. I had no idea a minute could be that wrong. In fact I thought they'd got the podcast wrong! Not every run is easy and not every run is fast but you will definitely be a runner if you see the programme through.

  • dude you inspire me :-) 45K I'm following you on that journey :-)

  • Good man!

  • Cheers for that post Nick. I've only just completed w1r2 and I'm struggling but I am keeping up with the instructions and I really hope that in a few months time I will also be able to be disappointed at *only* running 7km non-stop! :)

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