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W5 R3...bring it on!


Completed run 2 of week 5 today in bright sunshine along a beautiful coastal park area. Cannot believe what I’m doing at the moment. Felt bit achy after today’s run but I completed it and that’s what matters. Going to go for run 3 on Thursday and cannot wait to prove to myself that I can do it! There was a time when I thought I’d never make it to this point but here I am. Now bring it on!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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That is excellent - I remember you posting that you were struggling a few weeks ago. Keep going, you are doing great x

If you had told me then what I’d be achieving now I’d have never believed it. Thanks x


Well done, never doubted for a second that you could do it! The lovely location and good weather sounds fabulous! Roll on Thursday! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Thanks 😁 x


Stretch stretch, stretch... well done you... the lovely longer runs beckon... perfect for letting the new legs find their happy pace:)

Indeed 😁 x


Well done! I’m a Ramsgate runner too ☺️

How cool is that! Love running along the seafront. It’s gorgeous at the mo x


I've just done wk5r2 today and was dreading it thinking I'd never manage 8 mins. I enjoyed it (?!) and it went really fast but not looking forward to 20 mins. Seems a big jump! Good luck with yours I'm hoping the weather holds for when I do mine.

It’s huge isn’t it? We can only give it our best shot can’t we? Good luck and keep us posted x x

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Hi. Two lots of 8 mins is 16 and so the 20 min runs just flow. And I found that after about 10 mins you can get into a groove. I do the breathing and counting trying to get a rhythm. I’m still learning as I’m new to it but ramsgaterunner79 and I keep noticing that your body just .... does. It just can move. It’s all so amazing!! So let us know how it goes.


You're on a roll, enjoy it! 👌👍😁

Thanks x

Good for you; you’re doing so well!!

Thanks x


Just SUPERB. have good run tomorrow. And then.... w6. I like hearing your stories.

You too. Just completed week 5 run 3! Cannot believe I did it. Thanks for all of your support! How are you getting on? X


Hi there. Terrific to see this. Super. You must be well into W6 now.

Just about to start week 7. It’s going really well. How are you getting on?

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Hi. Well you’ll be doing long runs now. Terrific. Fine but I’ve started to collect people as running mates. It helps me get out. Treadmill plan tomorrow. You?

Enjoying the longer runs especially in the nicer weather. Going back to work soon so trying to fit them in around ‘work times’ so I can make sure I keep going!

Collecting people to tag along sounds fun! 😁


Well done, I started week 5 today & am already anxious about the 8 minutes!

I’m in Kent too, sadly not coastal thou x

It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. It’s all about pace and slowing down when you feel tired without walking. Listen to the advice on the podcast/ app and you’ll do it. Good luck with it and keep us posted 😁

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