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Exploring the land (and still ahead of the zombies)


got home from work and, after a few minutes, thought I'd managed to break the tap in the kitchen sink as I couldn't run a sink for the dishes to soak while I was out. I thought I'd done something wrong but it turned out to be a burst pipe in the local area, and completely not my fault. So, thus reassured, I fired up Zombies,Run! and Runner 5 headed off with Runner 8 (aka Susan Smith) and Runner 4 (Jodie) and we went scouting.

I also went back along the route that takes me across the railway tracks - and i always take my earphones out so I can hear any on coming trains, fear not - I did find out that there's a conservation spot not far from where i live, and that there's apparently a tawny owl chick by the sandybank (no, I didn't check it out, no public access or right of way, though apparently you can walk your dog there...no I couldn't work it out either)

I also let my curiosity get the better of me once I came out of the nearest village and decided to climb up the hill behind where I run. It's not paved, it's not gravelled, but there's a clear mark in the ground that shows more than one person regularly climbed up it. So, hopping over a puddle, I climbed it.

Was it worth it? Probably not as even at the top of the hill it was quite marsh-like but I'm still glad I dd it, it changed up my route a little bit, even if my feet did get a bit wet where my feet sank a bit into the ground, but hey-ho, i got out and did my run, which is always and achievement.

Take care

MrsPsycho out xxx

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Feel like I was out with you!

MrsPsychoGraduate in reply to Lillybeth30mins

Thanks 😃

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