A blip in the road

(What should have been) W7R1

I'm an early morning runner, though I dont know anyone that actually likes getting up when its cold and dark. For the past 6 weeks I've managed it as there's been a sense of anticipation about what i might achieve that morning. Today that wasnt there. It was even more of a struggle than usual.

I managed to get myself out the house and had already decided on a new route. It started off OK, though I was just over half way round my route when I hit a hill that was bigger than the one I'd been trying to avoid on my usual route. Unfortunately the hill got the better of me and I had to stop and walk about half way up, due to my lungs rather than my legs. The hill seemed to suck all effort out of me and I lost the will to run any more. In the end I completed my course with a mixture of running and walking.

In one respect I'm disappointed - it wasn't to be today, though I am pleased I got out of the house and managed a bit of exercise. I'm not going to count it as part of W7, I'm going to start afresh (on the old route) on my next run.


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  • Don't be too disappointed - you had a good run and the hill wasn't your fault, there'll be time to tackle hills when you've graduated. I really admire all you early morning runners, especially now when it's starting to be dark too. And even if you don't count the run it'll still have helped build up your strength/stamina and you know you'll be fine the next time, you've done the 25 mins before. Onwards and upwards :-)

  • Thanks Mitts, appreciate that. Trying to remain positive and not dwell on it!

  • I agree with Mitts - even those runs which don't go to plan are never wasted - they are a preparation for the next run. Those hills keep appearing when you don't expect them - I even had one I wasn't expecting on a run which seemed all downhill to the river, and had to stop and walk (W8R3 so I was pretty fed up about that). You will get there! It's just 3 more 25 minute runs this week and you know you can do that! Good luck.

  • Thanks Soozz - just read a comment you left on someone else's blog about leaving your mojo at home. Great saying - that's exactly what I felt like today!

  • Keep your head up, Slater!! Occassionally, a run just doesn't go well. It is just like most other things in life...sometimes we have good days and sometimes we have less than good days!! You have come an incredibly long way since W1 and I am sure that W7 will soon be in the bag with the rest of those weeks!! Keep Running!!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, onwards and upwards!!

  • I agree with the other postings. I do admire you early morning runners as well as those of you doing this by yourself. I had/have smhall along on my runs which makes me accountable. You are doing great Slater, we all have good runs and bad runs...just remember you are in WK 7, how awesome is that? :-)

  • That really made me smile thinking about how far I've come, thanks for reminding me :-)

  • You can run for 25 minutes. That's not bad at all!!!

  • Yes I can, and I know I can as I did it this morning :-) Thanks Diamondwitch, what kept me going was that I knew I could do it!

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