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Zombies and running tights

Hello all,

my first post for a while. Have been plugging away at my running, getting out when the twins allow.

In the last couple of months I've discovered 2 things that I like, first off the Zombies Run app. Mostly, since graduating I've been running t and listening the week 9 podcast. It was getting a bit boring. I had tried running whilst listening to some "talky" podcasts but that either resulted in/coincided with me struggling to finish runs for a while.

I gave Zombies Run a try a couple of weeks ago, setting it to shuffle a playlist made up of the contents of "101 Running Songs". I found it really good. The mix of music and someone popping up now and again to talk to you is reminiscent of running with Laura. The story element is good to, giving you that "I wonder what happens next" feeling when you've completed a mission.

Both times that I've listened to it so far I've comfortably managed 5K, not at any great speed, but I had only managed it once before - the whole struggling to finish a run thing came up just after that first time.

The other thing I've discovered I like is running tights - there I've said it and I'll say it again - I'm Peter and I like running tights!

Originally I bought a pair from Aldi back in the autumn. Was never actually sure that I'd wear them (me in lycra??) but with winter coming I wanted to have some to hand just in case.

Just before Christmas, when the weather turned chilly I gave them a try. I found them pretty comfortable. Was a bit self conscious but running at silly o'clock and a long t-shirt that covers things up meant I didn't have to worry.

Not being a little bloke I'd bought XL size from Aldi, but did find they felt a bit saggy and always felt they had the potential to fall down (not helped by my having torn around the drawstring by being ham fisted). So a few weeks ago I popped in to SportsDirect and picked up a pair of Karrimor ones, size L this time.

Much better fit and much more comfortable. So much so that I went back the next week and bought a pair of their thermal ones as well.

I think I shall miss them when the weather warms up and it's time to go back to shorts! lol

I also managed to make it along to my local parkrun in Banbury. I didn't take part, I stood and watched sipping on a coffee :) I just wanted to see how it all worked and see the route.

Hopefully, sometime soon, if the stars are in alignment and the moon is in the eighth house, I might actually get along there complete with running togs and take part.

Although seeing the route has now made me think whether I should get some trail shoes for that mix of tarmac, cinder path and grass/mud.

Hope everyone is well, apologies for the bit of a ramble!


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Nice to hear from you again Peter. You sound like you're doing great!


I'm certainly trying my best :)

Sorry to read that you did yourself some mischief, hope you're on the mend.


Hey Peter, thanks for the entertaining read. I will definitely check out the Zombies Run app when I get to week 9 (only on week 3 so far...) - something to look forward to. Keep it up - sounds like you're a slowly but surely sort of person. When things come together they do eventually happen, but you need to take your time... so take it at your own pace! And keep your sense of humour :)


Hello. My name is Steve, and I love running tights. :) I have Karrimor from SD too, and my original pair from Tesco. I too will miss them when it gets too warm, they cover a multitude of sins!


Running love them. Trail might need them. Park know you want to. Happy running !!


It sounds like you're doing well, Peter. Glad to hear you're enjoying the running still.


Theres nothing wrong with a man in running tights! :) sounds like you're doing great, i might have to try the zombie running sometime! i was like you and went and watched parkrun 1st, and i'm on no 32 now, would recommend it! :)


Ooh no.....Love a man in tights !!


It sounds like you're doing really well Peter considering you've got little ones! And it sounds as if you've got your head around the tights thing. As I've said here before, I like men in tights!


very positive thinking there Pete.


YAY I am not the only one who absolutely luv's his running Tights :D :D i have 3 pairs now :D


Sounds as though you are enjoying your running! There are one or two others on here who also like the zombies runs. Hope you enjoy your Parkrun.


If I'd known running tights on us gents were so popular with the ladies I might have ventured out in them sooner ;)


I've also just discovered Zombies, Run! Have only done one run so far, but it's nice to try something new to break up the same-same of running. I'm still following the 5K+ running plan from world running, more or less, but the nice thing is that you can do Zombies on any sort of run (fast/slow/longer/shorter).


I'm really enjoying using the app. I only use it once a week when I do my long (for me) runs on a Sunday.

Have found that some of the "missions" are a bit shorter than the 30 minutes I've told the app I want to run for. So I make sure I've got the next 2 or 3 downloaded ready to go in case a mission finishes sooner than I expected.


Ah! Good tip. Did my second run with Zombies today, and actually did intervals (using my watch to time them). I like that Zombies doesn't care about your running speed so long as you switch of zombie chases. I've just kept running past mission end in "radio mode", collecting materials if my run has been longer than half an hour. But I might start lining up my missions like you, to get through them a bit quicker.


I tend to do the same as you, and listen to "radio mode" after the mission. But I remember one of them finished in only about 15 minutes and I didn't fancy radio mode for that long.

Fortunately I had a decent mobile connection at the time so was able to download the next mission, on the run.

The item collecting is a bit random. I must have collected all the pairs of trousers and sports bras left in the post zombie apocalypse world!!

I haven't bothered with the other "game" aspects of the app yet. The base building and such. Haven't actually bothered looking for info on what you're supposed to do or what the point of it is.

I just like taking part in the story! :)


I'm also Pete!! and I also wear tights :)


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