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Blown off the hill and recorded my worst ever pace

Hi all

You would think I would be despondent - not a bit. I went interval training this lunch time in a gale - mad or what !!!. What's more I set myself the sprint up a steep and long hill straight into the wind. Why :-

Well I remember week 1 I saw a runner struggling on this hill, so I made my mind up it was impossible but I felt determined today. I ran that b...... Hill six times, couldn't

Run the intervals though. I got blown off the route once and a times I truly didn't feel like I was moving

I got back to work looking beet root, like i had been through a hedge backwards and couldn't speak. It's the slowest I have ever run. But I did it

See this running lark is mind over matter. Today I had no mind but running up that hill matters !!

Happy running peeps

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Well done Julie ! Youre one determined lady , fab stuff ! :-) xxx


Thanks - You too. I am not sure how many will brave the weather today, but we are all a pretty determined lot

That hail also gave me a free microdermabrasion though

I will do it again the run again - If ever the legs and lungs will let me !!!!!


Well done Julie, sounds like a great run


Thank you. Did you venture out ?


Who cares about the pace. You conquered the hill. Brilliant!


Hey hey, well done Julie. Show that hill who's boss!

Sounds like that was a blast. These things happen when you least expect it. You wouldn't expect to have such a great run given the awful conditions today.


Love it !


Thanks all, I was so tired I just fell asleep on the sofa. Time to get tucked up in bed. My thoughts for today - we can all achieve what ever we set our minds too. that hill. - piece of cake, bring it on..........

Cool runnings !!!!


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