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Week 5 Run 3 😁😁 #proud

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Afternoon all. Today's plan was to get up and go like last Saturday. Didn't go to plan as I didn't wake up early enough to be there and back before my daughters swim lesson. Then get in the car to see tyre pressure warning so post swim lesson had to go and get a slow puncture repaired. I actually got out for my run at lunch time. I knew what was ahead but any gremlins were pushed firmly back into the filing cabinet in my head where they escaped from. And actually, Erica achieved her 10 metre badge plus she passed stage 2 so it was a great morning to witness. I certainly couldn't do that at 4 years old. I think I wore armbands until I went to high school πŸ˜‚

So I got out, Michael told me about the session and there was zero panic. I was mentally prepared for this. I followed the same route as Thursday so I knew the final 8 mins or so were uphill. When the bell went at exactly the same place as Thursday I was more than happy as I knew by then I'd run longer than ever before without stopping. A small downhill after getting on the busway (and no pedestrians blocking my path) gave my legs and knees enough of a break before that long incline. The rain cooled me down and the wind had stopped. As if someone decided that I needed a little break from it smacking me in the face. But you know, that incline was no harder than Thursday even without the recovery walk. Michael added some words of encouragement with 2 mins to go and I couldn't help but smile. And when he appeared again I felt a wave of emotion Run over me. I was thankful for the rain, and sweat for covering the couple of tears that fell. Those tears were for nothing else but happiness and pride. I just ran for 20 minutes and didn't even think about stopping. How can I not be proud of myself!!

When I got home, I sat down to do some stretches and Flynn joined me. It's like he felt proud of me too. Proud is the word of the day, proud of myself, proud of Erica. And now for a bath with my superhero bath bomb.

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Well done MrsT82! That sounds fantastic! It gives me encouragement for my same run on Monday! You must be really proud of yourself!

in reply to Mimirossi

I really am. It's an amazing feeling and there are still more hurdles to come. But surely if we can go from 8 minutes to 20 in 2 days then we can add on an extra few?? Good luck for Monday. I'll look out for a post 😁


Nice one MrsT, and well done Erica. 😁

in reply to Martin_Rose

Thank you.


What a post.. what a run.. what a day...!

Go.. the whole family Mrst82!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you 😊

Well done you!!! I am really anxious about my wk5 R3, so this is just what I needed to hear. Massive congratulations x

in reply to Humbug202202

When are you planning on doing it? It really is about the right mindset. Go out positive. In the warm up keep telling yourself you can do it. And you will

So the whole MrsT family achieved this morning, and am loving the bendy stretch photo with Flynn. You are an absolute star and deserve every one of those stars in the bath bomb. Go kill Week 6 with superhero powers.

in reply to Jancanrun

Thanks Jan. That means a lot xx

in reply to MrsT82

And every word is true. Positively brilliant you are doing fab.

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