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Knees!! Week 2/3

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Hi all looking from some advice from someone with more experience please.

I completed weeks 1 and 2 with no problems, I was so pleased with my progress, it was hard work but I did it, and was really looking forward to W3.

Did W3 r1 last night, a few seconds into the first 90 second run and my knees started to twinge a little, not pain just uncomfortable. I carried on and finished the run, but my knees don't feel right. It's to the side of my kneecap on the insides. They ache this morning and on my walk to work were twinging when going uphill but I couldn't notice anything walking on flat.

What do I do? I've followed the plan to the letter and had just had 2 rest days. It wasnt the 3 minute run that did it because my knees felt iffy from the start. I take it slow and steady, small light steps and run on a flat route. I'm a very active person, not overweight, but just not very good at running, so sure it's something to do with my (lack of) technique.

Do I rest until it's completely gone? I don't want to have to stop due to injury after just 2 weeks! I'm disappointed as I felt it was going so well. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm on W3, R2 and I do believe that if you are not used to running then it's just ligaments stretching and muscles being used that your not used to using.

Ive had knee surgery so my knee always hurts but my other knee aches the way you've explained but it's because I'm not a runner as such and I also think investing in correct running footwear may help. X

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Linz71 in reply to GreenGirl89

Thanks so much...yes maybe proper running shoes are the way to go. I'm just using my normal trainers as thought I'd be ok for the first few weeks until I knew whether I could run or not! Good luck with your week 3, I found the 3 minutes weren't as bad as I thought, but when the voice came on I thought it was going to say I'd finished the 3 mins but it was just a 'you're half way through'!! Thanks for your reply x

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GreenGirl89 in reply to Linz71

Yes Ive done the same and started in my normal trainers but I need to get some proper running ones.

Yes I thought wow that 3mins went quick then realised it was only half way but I really enjoyed it and was surprised I could run it without getting out of breath. X

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As the guide to the plan explains, anyone starting a training plan that they are not used to is going to feel aches and pains, regardless of their general fitness. With running, the primary cause of most aches and pains for new runners is the impact, so do all you can to minimise it. Slow down, avoid heelstriking, keep footfall under your body not out in front, run on grass or treadmill and wear proper running shoes fitted after a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Stretching and strengthening exercises will also be beneficial.

Most of my aches disappeared by W5.

If you are concerned, consult your GP or a physio.

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Linz71 in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you, I was hoping not to have to buy new running shoes until I know whether I'm going to be successful at running, but perhaps I'll need to do this. I don't have the option of running on grass or treadmill apart from one run at the weekend, as I'm at work during daylight hours, so perhaps it's the pavement that isn't helping. Roll on the lighter mornings and evenings! I expected muscular aches but I get a bit paranoid about knees...thanks for the advice :)

Hi Linz71, I've just done my w1r3 this morning and get a constant pain on the inside of my knee. If it's the same as mine it could be your medial collateral ligament which connects your thigh bone to lower leg bone, not sure how to deal with it but going to try and run through it on my w2r1 and see how it goes. Now I've decided I definitely want to carry on with c25k I'm going to spend a bit more on better trainers so hoping that might help as well.

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Linz71 in reply to Bird61

Thanks so much, I've just googled that ligament and yes I think you're right that seems to be where the pain is! It feels about 60% better tonight so I'll likely run tomorrow, and if it gets worse maybe have 2 or 3 rest days. Also seriously considering new trainers!

Yes, good cushioning on the shoes, running on grass if possible and maybe some knee support, if you find it helps. Often old shoes or running on pavements are the main culprits. Hope you see some improvements.

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Linz71 in reply to Trundle

Thank you. I'm trying to work out where I could run on grass while it's still dark mornings and evenings as I think that would help, the pavement does feel quite harsh. I suppose I felt safer on pavements with streetlights. Looking forward to the lighter evenings! Am doing shoe research too :)

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