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Week 8 Run 3 = disappointed

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Hi guys!

I've just been out and done my final run of week 8........well I didn't/couldn't complete it! Please see photos above! I had to walk the last 5 minutes.

I've had a dreadful week this week, been out of my routine, stressed at work, tired because of my Essex trip...blah blah blah. Now I'm not making excuses but the conditions were rubbish. I thought I'd go down to the park to run because it's such a beautiful place to be but the wind blowing of the sea was absolutely horrendous. I couldn't catch my breath, I felt dizzy (I think that's anxiety), I had to walk up a small hill, I just couldn't get into it. I've put my stats up and then the second part of the picture on the post above!

What do you think I should do? Should I repeat week 8 or just crack on, graduate and sort the rest out when I'm out on my own. I'm just loving this so much and I've loved being buddied up with you Saul and now I feel I've let everyone down.

I'm actually really upset, I need to get a grip!!!!! Advice please..................................... :-(

Love Elsie xxx

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Oh the other thing that I was going to say was that I've eaten really badly this week and I'm sure that's made a big difference!

E xxx

Hiya Elsie. Just repeat this 1 run. No big deal. Life gets in the way sometimes and if you're a bit run down, you won't have the best run ever. These things happen. You'll nail it next time I reckon.

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I'd repeat that run, but not the earlier ones. If you still have problems maybe repeat the week. It's not the end of the world - one run in 24! We all have good and bad days. You'll be fine, you've come so far!

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We all have great runs that go really well and times when we feel like giving up running altogether. Sounds like everything was working together to make you quit, but you ran a good part of it, well done! It is up to u of course but I would repeat it so u can feel satisfied u well and truly nailed it! At this stage, there isn't a lot of difference between the week's runs. You are so close to graduation, go out again on your next run day in good weather and take your time and breathe deeply and slowly even on your warm up walk!

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I'd park it and move on to the next one. We all get bad runs and you just park them ( as it were!!) and you will find the next one is loads better... Chin up you are doing brilliantly...

Hi Elsie, don't be too hard on yourself, you did go out and run - even after a tough week. I would start week 8 over again (it would bug me otherwise lol). Good luck xxx

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Hi Elsie, so you've had a bad run - we all get them sometimes!

There can be all sorts of reasons - and sometimes none at all. Just put it behind you, repeat run 3 and move on. It's just a little wobble - the weather has been appalling - it'll be fine next time. X

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I'm totally with Ully, Elsie. We all have bad runs and sometimes we have absolute shockers! Just repeat this one run from w8 and then on you go to graduation week.

Oh, and don't ever feel you've let yourself down (or anyone else for that matter) You gave it your best shot and that's all that counts! Onwards and upwards :) :)

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Don't be upset, you went out and had ago , still a plus in my book, sounds like conditions were great and life can get in the way etc.

You haven't let anyone down you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, enjoy your rest day or days then go out a rock the same run :)

Then move on , this program is as much a mental challenge as physical ,you have already come a long long way, concentrate on the positives :)

Go on you know you can do it :)

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Helloooooo running buddy!! First thing first, according to your map you've done better than all of us and including none other than Moses. You managed to run 2km of it on water !! :) .

Pretty much like what everyone else has said, looks like you had a bad day/run. I personally would not do the entire week again, possibly this run again. Or alternatively... get your superwoman costume out, add an extra couple mins onto one of the runs for next week?. As juicyju said you could always park it for another day.

Negative side, run didn't go as to plan. Positive side, still had the determination to finish it regardless. It was only 5 mins, the other 23 were fine.


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ElsieWGraduate in reply to saul01

Haha that made me laugh! I was running right on the waters edge so that's why it looks like it, but hey miracles do happen!!!! Do you know what? I'm going to say sod it for today's run and keep going to week 9 on Monday. I so want to graduate with you, we've come this far! If I struggle, I'll accept I need to redo a couple but I'm going to have a really good rest this weekend and then go for it on Monday!!!!!

We're nearly there! Whoops!

Elsie xxx

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saul01Graduate in reply to ElsieW

Whoop whoop, that's the spirit! Mental thinking only 3 runs i can do it, I can do it!

Are you using your own playlist or are you going with the pod cast?

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ElsieWGraduate in reply to saul01

I'm using the NHS podcast with my own playlist! I can't not graduate with on Friday......it'd make me really sad! xxx

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ElsieWGraduate in reply to ElsieW

*with you*

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saul01Graduate in reply to ElsieW

This may help you a bit... For week 8 & 9 my playlist songs have been on a much slower tempo, rather than inspirational Eye of the tiger it's more The Cars-Drive, Whitney Houston-I will always love you etc etc. These typte of songs made it a more relaxed/calming run and also the pace was also a lot calmer, slower.

Hope this helps...

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ElsieWGraduate in reply to saul01

Thanks, I'll have a look and do a new one! I'm quite eclectic in my music taste. I like The Script and their music is quite good to run to. I'm going to have a look and get a new one ready for Monday! xxx

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Go Elsie! You'll do it!

Is that Poole Dorset? Me and the wife love it all round there..👍

ElsieW profile image
ElsieWGraduate in reply to davelinks

Yes it is Dave. It's a great place to live! x

Hi Elsie, think you have the right attitude. Rest up then start week 9. Nice and steady and grab that badge. You and Saul can stand on the winning podium together and take our applause.


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Keep going Elsie - I would consider a repeat - there is absolutely _nothing_ wrong with repeating and at least that way you can take pride in a job well done!

At the end of the day, it is a significant achievement just putting on the shoes and getting out the door!

Congrats on getting to week 8 - keep going!

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