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Just finished day three/week one of C25K (yay me!)


I used to be a runner, years ago, but had surgery for a fractured sesamoid a few years back and have been nervous about starting to run again.

But now, at age 51, I'm a little heavier than I'd like to be so have started C25K. I'm loving it so far and am thankfully not as unfit as I had thought (probably because I walk to and from work daily, about 40 mins each way).

Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and hoping to stay on the journey - and if my foot stays happy, sign up for a London 5K in a few months.

Anyone else planning one?

Jennifer x

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Brillant decision.🌟👏👏

Impressive walking. Join the Active10 community also.👍

It is great baseload programme in conjunction with C25k.


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Thanks! What's Active10?

Tbae in reply to Hidden

It’s a free walking app from NHS OneYou.🤔👍Healthunlock also have a supporting community for it.👍👏👏

It is for brisk walking, raises your heart beat,🤔 unlike the 10,000 steps per day app.👍👏👏

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Ah okay, thanks - prob stick to this right now but appreciate you responding! xxx

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It is an alternative to cardio activity that you can do on your repair days.They are not rest days and presumably you will continue with your walking also.🤔

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You do right...Slow and steady start is the best :) One step at a time... :)


Welcome aboard - to a massively supportive forum family! You will be well looked after and it is the perfect place to come to share your journey. Good luck!😀🏃🏽‍♀️

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Hi and welcome. please check this post out before starting:)


Then slow and steady does it and keep posting please:)

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Thanks, did it years ago before my surgery so am looking forward to hopefully getting back to 5K levels!


Hi Jennifer, welcome aboard!

This programme is just fabulous and it teaches you more than just how to run!

You'll soon be back to your old fitness and better I bet.

Enjoy your journey. We're all here for you if you need us. 👍😁


Hi, I signed up for a race for life 5K run before I even completed week one. I wanted to hold myself to account. im 55, overweight and never ran. But Im loving this ..best decision.

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I also signed up for a 5k, before I even started! I knew without an event to attend, there's no way I'd actually get out there and get started. I'll definitely not be running the whole thing, but glad it's on the calendar. Hoping I can do another later in the summer and actually run it!

Well done Jen 😊🏃‍♀️💥


Well done! I have signed up for the race for life 5k in June ... I have walked it before but this time I am hoping to run 😬

Hi Hidden - I’m part Londonjan and part ItalyJan - Presently in Italy, but back to London in the late Autumn/Winter. I’m doing a big challenge for Alzheimer’s this year so if there’s a 5k around later in the year, perhaps we can buddy up then?

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