Just finished week 4

So after a start stop last year, I took the decision on 1st January to make a change and start loosing that weight. I was 89.8 KG, and aged 41 on the 1st January and decided that it was time to do something about my weight. Over the years I have done weightwatchers twice, and have enjoyed a few too many snacks and sugary foods. It was time for a hard truth and so I started watching what I was eating, and started to do walks during the day. My very supportive wife came on those initial walks with me, and we did 6x5km walks per week. At the end of January I was 3KG down and decided that Couch25K was the next option. I had tried running last year, did a few weeks, but no exercise plans, I just went for it. I have completed week 4 today, and while it was tough its been well worth it. Listening to Laura guide you though, and playing the game of guess the cover song, does help. I run 3 days a week and do a 6km walk on the off days to keep up the exercise. I have set a goal to run my 1st ParkRun at the end of week 5 (next weekend) so I am looking forward to that. As the 3rd run on Week 5 is a 20 min run with no stopping, I am changing my plan to run Tuesday and Thursday next week instead of Mon, Wed, Fri so that I can then do the ParkRun on the Saturday morning. I am feeling so much better now, have more energy during the day, and have dropped total of 7KG.

No matter what age you are, or the skills you have, make 2015 your year, and get out and see the world from the paths rather than though a car window. You will be surprised how great it is.


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  • Very true. I laugh at folks in their cars in traffic jams while I sail past on my own two feet, free as a bird. It's very liberating stuff and it's free! Once the weight really starts to come off you will have even more energy. Keep up with the hiking, as it's so good for weight loss and fitness, and combining the two with your healthy eating regime you are way on the way to a whole new you

    You have to stick at it though. That's the key! Keep quitting is the road to nowhere

  • Well done. Keep it up. Some 5 years ago I was in a similar situation to yourself though rather older (stopped weighing myself when I hit 92.5kg). Since then I've made a conscious effort to turn things round. I made diet changes. My exercise has come mainly through cycling rather than running, but the principle has been the same. There were ups and downs. I was down to 74kg at one stage and then I let my weight slowly drift back up to 80kg by last November.

    Since starting C25K in November I now find I can run for an hour and a half without thinking twice and my weight is down below 72kg (with a BMI of about 21.5). I feel much fitter and happier in myself. I no longer worry that I'm going to be told off by my GP if I go and visit (not that I need to visit much now). I think Parkrun is just great. Just about every other reply of mine on here mentions it.

    Make the most of 2015 - to quote the typical American waiter: "Enjoy!"

  • Fantastic start to the programme. Having done the 5:2 diet for health reasons and taking up running I no longer need the 5:2 as the running helps keep the weight down. It is a superb programme and this is a brilliant support forum. Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on!

  • Great story and big achievement so really well done. As everyone says, keep at it and post here for support. It really does make a difference to motivation.

  • It sounds like you are really motivated and doing well. Just be careful you don't try to take on too much running too quickly - Parkrun might be a big step up from week 5, and you don't want to slow your progress by picking up an injury. Good luck.

  • Inspiring stuff. Hang on in there.

  • What a brilliant story, very inspirational. You should be very proud of yourself !

    Fantastic achievement, Well done to you :-) xxx

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