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Couch to 5K
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C25K - Day One, Week One

Oh dear. What have I gotten myself into? It appears I'm a lot more unfit than I thought. Still, this is my (very delayed, due to mock exams) New Years Resolution. And my 2nd New Years Resolution was to not give up on things so easily.

Can only hope this gets easier over the next 9 weeks. And that Strength and Flex tomorrow won't be as difficult!

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You've taken the hardest step - the first one. So, really well done on starting this brilliant programme. Youll get loads of advice and support here so post often and let us know how you're getting on.

Get proper running shoes, a sports bra, take each run slowly, repeat if you need to, stretch after each run and take a rest day in between runs. Follow Laura's advice and you won't go wrong.

Good luck and enjoy!

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I saw your 10k post today - inspirational! Well done :)

Thanks for the tips :) Dont worry, I'll be posting here a lot :')

Thanks for the reply!


You have got into a hugely supportive community of people of all ages with exactly the same aims as you.....to get fitter. This programme really works and although the challenges remain throughout the 9 weeks, you need to keep reminding yourself about how difficult it is now, because in a few weeks it may still seem tough but the W1 challenge will seem so simple. You will see a huge change in your fitness.

As an old wrinkly, who only started running 18 months ago, I will admit to being very jealous of you, on the verge of discovering the joys of running for yourself at an age when you will be able to enjoy it for so many years. Stick with the plan, ask for help and advice if you need it and you will grow in self esteem and physical confidence and very soon be a runner.

Good luck and note Irishprincess's advice.


Thank you so much :)


Well done for starting. I'm only on week 3 so a relative newbie. It is very steady and progresses slowly so far. You will improve. One minute was a challenge at the beginning- it would seem much easier now.

Good luck.


Thank you! That's the bit Im looking forward to :')


If you stick to the programme, with every week that passes you will amaze yourself with what you can do. Take it slowly, you need to build the muscles you need for running, the programme is especially designed to do that.

I like your resolutions, you will get as much support as you need here.Good luck!


Well done for starting! I'm just on week 2 so not exactly an expert but it feels like it's getting better - yesterday was the first time I didn't get a stitch, wooo! Have fun, petal x

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