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Week One Finished!

I started C25K last week and did my third run last night. Having never run before just getting through one week has made me feel incredibly smug! I think the run began to get easier as the week went along but I'm still quite nervous about next week and the 30 second increase. 30 seconds have never felt so long before! Going to have to get up in the morning and run this week which should be interesting as I am the worlds worse morning person. Hopefully my smugness will get me through!

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Brilliant what a sense of achievement:-)

It sounds like you sailed through which is great- maybe you'll turn into a morning person now.


Hi, well done! I was anxious about doing week 2 too but it was fine really, it helps that there are just 6 runs not 8 which helped me to visualise getting through it. I find running in the morning harder but not impossible so don't feel put off if it does feel tougher, good luck with week 2.


Smug and pink, the main result of C25k. Congratulations and good luck.



Well done! I remember the first run I did, 60 seconds had never felt so long! It does get easier though, believe me! And it's a great feeling! Like you, I had never run before...not since school, and even then I was the slowest in my class. All my friends laughed at me when I said I was starting running. 60 seconds might not seem a lot to some people, but when you're just starting out it's a huge achievement.

Best of luck with the rest of the'd be surprised by how much you improve and how much easier it gets!


Smug is a good way to feel. Well done on your first week. Good luck for wk 2.


Thanks guys. Couldn't pull myself out of bed today - had a wine tasting at work last night - but have reshuffled a few things so I will start week 2 tonight! Bring on the 90 seconds.


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