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45 never run before and on week3

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Hi everyone. I started ct5k 3 weeks ago. I get shin splints during every run although they are getting less painful now. Week 1 was great and week 2 started off ok then run 3 I found really hard. I decided to 're run week 2 again and tonight was run 3 of week2 and it was awful, I've never been so out of breathe. I'm feeling really down hearted about it as I thought I would find it easier the more I'm doing running but it's not the case. Has anyone else been through this?

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Nooooooooo...don’t feel downhearted...this programme isn’t easy...some weeks are harder than others..maybe you didn’t need to do the re-run? Have more faith in yourself! If you completed a run just move onto the next one...of you don’t complete it, bag the stamina & kms & repeat it...it’s all practice & that’s what makes perfect right??? Just continue the programme, stay on here for advice & encouragement, we’re all behind you & have been where you are...you’ve come so far & that is something to be proud of

Slow down.

Read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... which explains how you should approach the process.

Don't despair, just slow down.

Listen to IannodaTruffe, he knows what he’s talking about. Just take it slow and steady, and make sure you are well hydrated too. I always make sure I’ve had plenty to drink in the evening before running the next morning ie water not alcohol. 😅

Don’t rush . I’ve been there and it passes , stay on week 2 till you are happy , it’s a marathon not a sprint 👍

Good luck

I’m also finding shin splints a bit of a problem, my husband (an experienced runner) suggested that I try compression socks. It hasn’t cited completed but has definitely improved the situation.

Sorry should say cured completely (got auto corrected)

I’m with Tobyjugs as I wear compression socks and they really help with any lower leg aches and pains.

If I run in the morning I keep them on till the evening and if I do a night run then I sleep in them as I’d read that they help with recovery too!

Hope this helps!

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