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Why do I get nervous before a run?

I always get really nervous before a run - butterflies, sweaty palms, dashing to the loo (sorry if TMI), the lot. I'm going to do Week 6 day 2 in half an hour, and already I'm getting the adrenaline and feeling a bit shaky. No idea why this is - I've done this day before (repeating week 6 as I failed day 3) so I should be feeling confident and fine. I even like running so why do I feel so bad just beforehand? And is it helpful, do you think, or could it be hindering my progress?

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I'm the same even now , don't ask me why so I'm not much help . But I will say this it doesn't last long & once I'm running it goes . Good luck with the rest of your runs & remember the good it's doing you .


I get nervous before each run too, I'm ok once I'm out there but the build up mentally is a tad ridiculous to be honest. Thought I was the only nutter, 'tis reassuring that I'm not!


I was the same doing my c25k. I was always anxious about the next run/week. Probably down to fear of the unknown and doubting whether you are capable of doing it etc. Just believe in yourself and believe in the programe and hopefully you'll be fine ;)

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It might not be a bad thing at all, all those symptoms are your body's primordial response getting ready to leg it from some sabre tooth tiger! How do you feel after your run? Pretty good I'd guess. Hold on to that and embrace the pre-run nerves :-)


Me too, but it settles down once I get into the routine of putting my running kit on. It's like putting on a suit of armour. I am ready for battle!


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