Never thought I'd run!

Went for my 1st ever "run" 6 days ago having had an urge to run! After 47 years?! I then "found" couch to 5k the next day so started it, in the snow, 2 days after that 1st outing. Was pleasantly surprised but then found that the pain in my groin meant delaying run 2 by 24 hours. Did this last night in temps of minus goodness knows what- damn cold! Found the lower temp made my breathing more dificult and the pain in my groin had returned by the end of my 5 minute warm up! I persevered and completed the run, thought that I wouldn't be able to walk today! Surprised that it doesn't feel too bad, I think that's because my hips hurt now! Despite the aches and pains I have never before felt that feeling of being totally energised and refreshed (?) that you get after a run. I don't care how long this takes me but I aim to see it through with the help of a few Ibuprofen!! Run 3 tomorrow! Slightly nervus about approaching week 2!

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  • Don't forget to take the rest days - you'll really need them as you progress. If you need to take a couple of days between that doesn't matter - most people have aches and pains as they start running . If after one rest day you feel ok - then great get out there!

    Look up the stretches as well - I realised how important it was to really stretch afterwards to reduce niggles.

    but keep going - it's a fantastic journey - and you will be absolutely amazed with yourself by the end of it.

    and remember - the days are getting longer - so you're running towards the light and the sunshine of spring

  • Thank you for yur support. I def have at least 1 rest day and if I need 2 I will. have done the stretching too which I think really helped after last nights run! I am already amazed at what I've done so far! looking forward to my next run!

  • I enjoyed the programme from the second run (my first was a nightmare) and am now at the stage where I can see significant rewards for the work I've put in. You'll be amazed at how quickly you get to that point.


  • I found the 2nd last night hard like I said but because I don't ache as much as I thought I would today, it has spurred me on!

  • It's a fantastic programme, avrili! I agree completely with the posts above. I often take at least 2 days rest as it keeps the niggles at bay. The stretching after a run will help to ease any aches and pains. There's lots of really good advice on here - check the tags. Best wishes, keep blogging so we can encourage you, although it sounds as though you've been bitten by the running bug! :)

  • thanks Oona, I have definitely been bitten!

  • Well done! :-) I started running at age 49.5, I continue to have aches and pains but more in the joints now. Nothing like the first weeks. Ice, muscle rub and ibuprofen will become your best friends! ;-) Keep going, you're going to be so happy with all you achieve! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, all the advice people are giving me is being logged and I will def use! I'm already so ecstatic!! :-)

  • It is so lovely to see new people discovering a different side to themselves. I loved the first bit about 'having had an urge to run'!

    If you do find aches and twinges bothering you, do some searching on here - there are lots of useful tips. The thing that made most difference for me was taking smaller steps and slowing down, drastically (slower than walking, honest!) for the first 3 or 4 weeks, while my body was getting used to this strange thing I was asking it to do. I'm still slow, but can now speed up a wee bit if I want to, without ending up achey.

    I used to think I hated running, but I was wrong!

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