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Should I run a 5K before finishing program?

I am up to week 5 run 3. In a few weeks there is a 5K race in my neighborhood that I would like to participate in.

I will be up to week 8 run 3 by the race date (I will actually have to skip an extra day - 2 days after week 8 run 2)

I think this should be OK, my usual pace is faster than a 28 minute 5K, so I think that I should be able to do it.

What are the pitfalls to doing this for me?

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I think you should participate if you would like to: you can always walk some of it if it becomes too much. There will be plenty running it who haven't had 8 weeks of training like you!

But this is just my opinion :)



I think that you will be so close to running for the thirty minutes at that stage that another couple of minutes should be ok. Tbh, the adrenaline will carry you through. I don't see any major pitfalls unless it's just getting injured in your enthusiasm to go fast!!

Good luck!


Good for you for taking the extra challenge! For me, a possible pitfall would be to feel bad if I couldn't run the whole way, or felt like I was going slower than everyone else. As long as you set your expectations reasonably however, you should find yourself in the center of a whole new group of potential running friends and ending your C25K on a very high note. :)


Go for it! Let us know the results.


The only pitfall I can see to answer your first question is that you might kick yourself on the day of you don't.


I say go for it.

I did a 3.5 mile leg of the Belfast marathon relay yesterday. Due to illness I had an enforced break in the programme of about 10 days until last week and I am only at the end of week 6. I probably did cycles of running about 5 mins and 1 minute walking but I wasn't disappointed at all as I knew I did a lot better than I would have if I hadn't done any of the programme.

I am also signed up for Race for Life 5k at the end of the month and aim to finish the programme and be able to run all of it. Even if you do walk a bit of your 5k you can still enjoy the atmosphere and have a sense of acheivement.


I am going for it. I have signed up for the race. I am reapeating week 6 to lead up to the race so that the race is my 25 minute week 6 run 3.

The first time I did the 25 minute run I reached 3 miles, so I only need to add a tenth of a mile to that to reach 5K. I hope to get it 25 minutes, but the most important thing is to finish.

Thanks for all the advice and I will let you know how the race goes this Sunday.


I did it!!

I finished the 5K at 26 minutes exactly. Which I think is a good time for a first try.

I started too fast and finshed my first mile at 7:30, so I was struggling near the end. I had to walk a short bit but finished running.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement.


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