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W5R3 Update

Thank you to everyone who responded to my ‘scared’ post. I was overwhelmed how many people bothered to read/reply.

So......I did it! I’m a treadmill runner and with it being the long bank holiday, I had the work gym to myself. I really tried to psych myself up beforehand and was sort of looking forward to it!

I put on 5 of my favourite running tunes and used those to gauge my progress. I slowed down even more than usual, but still only 0.2mph slower than my ‘usual’ pace for shorter runs.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. After 5mins I had crampy calves. But I kept going. The C25K voice (Michael Johnson) helped, although I’d love it if he interjected a bit more. By the end I was comfortable and felt I could’ve gone on for another couple of minutes.

It feels like a huge hurdle has been overcome today. I feel more confident about what’s to come and am even considering repeating that run over the weekend out in the big wide world (where people could see me 😳)

Thank you for your support!

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Yayyy! Well done you! We all knew you could do it! 👍


Well done you (and Micheal) 🙌

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Yeayayayayya... you did it :)

Onward and upward. slow and steady as you go into Week 6 :)

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Honestly the advice & feedback was ringing in my ears! Thank you 💕


Oh that's brilliant! Well done you 😀


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