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W5R3 today! UPDATE

I'm nervous, I had a bad run with calf pain and didn't complete R2 first time, but i had a rest day and completed run 2 on Thursday, I'm a day late doing Run 3 and, yes, to be honest I've put it off because I'm a bit scared of calf pain and not being able to run for 20mins.

I've been running on the treadmill until Tuesday and I really enjoyed my first outside run so as the weather is superb, I'm going to run outside again. The problem being there are no run routes here, I ran quite a fair distance in 8 mins the other day and had to pause to cross the busy road. :/

I am starting a slimmimg club on Tuesday so at last I can eat healthily (I 'treat' myself after exercise :() and in moderation whilst exercising, I haven't done that since I was in my 20's :)

Anyway, wish me luck and I'll report back later on.


I couldn't do it :'(

I just felt so 'heavy' and breathless, I didn't even make 5 minutes without stopping,

I'm going back to W5R1 on Tuesday - but i'm going to swim on rest days.

I'm so disappointed with myself, feel such a failure.

I could cry.

I've felt so much better about myself lately even though I've not lost weight but today I certainly felt my 15.7st pounding the pavement.

I won't give up though, I've read on here that people have 'bad runs' I suppose this is my first bad run.

Anyway, swimming at 8.15am tomorrow, in prep for Tuesday's W5R1.

Thanks for the support, I really love this site xx

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Good luck on your run... keep some yummy fruit handy for when you come in absolutely ravenous and wanting something sweet.


I'm with you on the "treating" myself after exercise!! have just done big analysis on eating to see where I am going wrong, too late for this weeks weigh in but lets see if it makes a difference next monday - one other thing, the weather is glorious but very hot, this always makes running seem much more like hard work to me I prefer the wind and rain! make sure you are well hydrated before you set out and avoid the hottest part of the day if possible, yesterday I went at 7 in the morning to avoid the heat later on

good luck with the run


Good luck with it I have been doing weight watchers since January and have lost 30lb quite alot more to go unfortunately. Find the plan that works for you and your family as its hard on your own.


Well done on 30lb that's fantastic. I lost my pregnancy weight with WW a long time ago but unfortunately I'm heavier now than I ever was at 9 months pregnant :)

I'm going to Slimming World as I am a hungry-nose and find I can eat, eat and eat until I'm full on their plan.

Thanks for your encouragement


You have already done a brilliant job so dont be too hard on yourself. keep your pace slow - it really does work as you need to conserve energy on longer runs. I have recurring calf pain which panicked me to begin with because I thought i might have to give up but I put ice on it and rest it in the evenings and it doesn't hurt every time. It is hard and I am too carrying some extra timber (quite a lot actually!). We will get there as long as we support each other - its great here! :D


Is the calf pain quite normal? I was worried about it because I had a DVT some years ago and thought it may have been a circulation problem from the blood clot that once was there.

I've seen on the internet people warning about pre-run stretches, but after a 5 min warm-up surely it'd be ok.

Thanks for your support x


Don't be hard on yourself, i had an equally bad run last Thursday, so know how you are feeling.

Run 3 is the big one mentally that we all dread, it is so very very hot, completely different to running in the rain.

I think we need to run slower than our normal slow in this heat, take on the water, and tell ourselves we can do this.

Trying a run is so so much better than sitting on the couch, and it does make the next one slightly easier, even if we dont feel we did very well. I ran again yesterday and managed my run, which was unbelievable when compared to Thursdays run.

You will do this, why not try run 2 again, or just go for 3, i think you will be surprised what a difference a days rest will make.

Good luck


Thank you.

I'm a perfectionist and expect everything I do to be perfect, the reality is I'm human, overweight and am new to running.

I am going to re-run week 5 again and swim as well.

I've let my diet go wayward this week and haven't swam at all.


I think it was the heat it is far to hot out there to run not suprised you couldnt complete it.

Hopefully Tuesday will be cooler or change your time of day and good luck.


My run-route was quite 'hilly' which I didn't expect either but I just felt so 'heavy' :(

Thanks for your support


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