W5R3... what the-?!

I. Nailed. It!

Today has been insane. Major traffic problems made me just in time for work. Then I had a full teaching day, with an unannounced learning walk, 3 kids being kicked out of one class (!) which I never have to do, an after-school meeting with a student about their project, severe tummy pains, and food shopping when I arrived back in Southend. I almost didn't run - my tummy pains are so severe I can barely walk, let alone run! Luckily they stopped and I arrived home, ready to go.

When Laura told me to go, I decided not to focus on counting my breathing - I didn't want to be too conscious of how much time was passing. I just wanted to focus on putting one foot in front of the other. So off I went at a slightly slower pace than usual. I found however that partway through I was running at more-or-less my usual speed. I was surprised by how easy I was finding it!

At the 18-minute mark I developed a stitch. I refused to slow down to a walk, however, so I concentrated on taking deep breaths. I felt more conscious of the passage of time at this point... but when Laura told me to slow down to a walk, I felt like I could keep on going! I decided against it because I didn't want to push too far and injure myself. I almost felt like strutting my cool down walk - "Im the best! I've just ran for 20 minutes without a break!!".

I feel such pride right now. Physically and mentally, this programme has really helped me so far. I used to think I'd never be able to do and enjoy running, but I find myself looking forward to my running days. I'm planning a run around the woods at my old university when I visit my family next week. And I am so excited about it, I could burst.

Thank you so much to everyone who's cheered me on for this run, and who's taken the time to read this rambling post! I feel genuinely proud and am pumped for week 6 to begin on Friday evening.


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  • Well done - feels good doesn't it?

    Don't want to pull you down but W6 sometimes catches people out.

    But at the moment just enjoy that feeling! 20 minutes - that's AGES!

  • I've heard about that. I'm gonna take this success with me and hope that the positivity will be enough to help me through another challenging week =]

  • Fantastic Yamiskoi, well done on nailing that 20 min run. That really is the turning point now!! It's a great feeling to be told you are officially a runner. Bask in the glory.... you can be very proud of yourself. :) :)

  • Go you..remember those sort of teaching days so well!

    Very very well done.

    To tackle a run despite issues and problems is pretty amazing.

    Slow and steady will get you through the next week.

    Enjoy half term and your family..and your run next week!

  • Ahh, another crazy person! xD Modern education sure is crazy. Anyway thanks for your kind words and encouragement! =]

  • Well done it's a brilliant feeling isn't it x

  • That's great! You have very good reasons to feel proud!

    With that attitude, you are going to nail the next weeks. I am looking forward to seeing your well-deserved graduation badge under you name. ;)

  • Aww, thank you! I can't wait, either. I have absolutely no idea what to do when I graduate - maybe treat myself to some decent trainers so I can swap out my cheapo ones? Hmm!

  • Great achievements call for great treats; decent trainers are good but a week-end in a nice spa is better! ;)

  • Well done you, what a day but what an end to it! You should be proud of yourself. It only gets more enjoyable from now! You are a proper runner.............whoop!

    E xxx

  • Excellent yam! You're well on your way to graduation!! Keep it up!!

    I'm thinking your an English teacher? Nicely laid out post..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Haha, thanks. I'm actually a Philosophy/Religious Studies teacher, but English Literature was 50% of my degree. It's good to know my layout is good!!

  • Fantastic well done to you. I am following in your footsteps and will think of this post to push me on my w5r3 this Friday. Good luck for week 6

  • Oooh, good luck! Just take it reaaaaaally slowly and you'll be fine =]

  • Brilliant ! Well done !

    Week 5 Run 3 is a real turning point in the programme . I think back and remember that this run gave me sleepless nights ! The sense of achievement when you complete it is just exhilarating isnt it ?

    Onwards to Week 6 ! Go you ! :-) xxx

  • Thank you poppypug! =] This community is so lovely, with veterans cheering on newbies like me =]

    Just out of interest, what separates a mentor from the graduates? =]

  • Well deserved done! I did my 20 minute run on Monday and was just as proud as you! It really is a good feelings. X

  • Well done! I have 8 days til I'm due to tackle the dreaded W5r3... Week 4 is proving a challenge enough so far... Like you, I usually count my breathing to keep me going, to distract me, and to keep track of how far through I am. But I know I need to get out of that habit, as any more than 5 minutes like that is a bit much really!

    You're well over half way through the plan now - enjoy the success, and know that this is just opening the door to lots more fun in the future! Happy running :)

  • Dreading it, my turn tomorrow morning, doing it on the treadmill, keep your fingers crossed for me and well done to you.

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