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W4-, Starry, Starry Night

Very pleased with myself tonight as I got in from work, said hello to the friends who are staying with us, and headed almost straight back out again for my run! 😊 It was a beautiful clear evening, and during the warm up walk I could see Orion and the Seven Sisters looking down on me.

Everything went absolutely to plan, and I did the same as last time: run intervals of 3, 5, 3, and 3 1/2 minutes. It’s definitely feeling easier than it did a week ago, which is reassuring- even if my mind is less convinced of this than my legs are!

All in all though, it was a lovely crisp and clear evening to be out under the stars - and then a delicious Thai red curry to follow! So many veggies it has to count as healthy, right?! 😂

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Sounds good! Well, beautiful, rather. Nice work on getting straight out :)


Beautiful run... well done you :) xx


Mr Rainbow thought it wasn’t a good choice to go for a run rather than stay in with guests - even though they didn’t mind! So tomorrow I might try running first thing in the morning before work, when they won’t be up yet... eek!


Sounds a beautiful evening for a run. You are making great progress, well done :)


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