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W4 R2 - pacing is the problem!

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W4 R2 this morning under ominous black skies full of rain, but i got out early enough to avoid a deluge. First half again felt really easy and the first 5 was lovely. As Chewy's blog has suggested, taking your mind off it makes it easier and I was totally lost in my own thoughts; not looking at the watch and again felt as though I could just carry on when Laura said to stop. After checking my route when I got home, I realised i had run a full 400m further on this 5 minutes than run 1. I was about to pay for that.

For some reason during week 4, the walk after the first 5 minutes is where the bubble bursts and my legs all of a sudden felt heavy and a walk uphill didn't make it easier. The next 3 minute run was HARD work and I was really worrying that I would fail the final 5. But I made it with a few expletives at myself and was clock watching like crazy rather than being lost in my own thoughts where everything feels a lot easier.

Obviously I'd gone way too quick on the first half and paid for it. but again, I didn't quit and pushed through to the end. The final 5 was a little easier than run 2 and hopefully I can add to that on run 3 before week 5 starts. But what I really want to do is sort my pace out on R3! Came home and analysed my stats and my best pace was a 4min 10sec mile!!!!!!

Lesson learned - SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

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Well done Fraz and 4 mins 10 sec is proper professional, I'm nowhere near that pace ;)

Funnily enough I didn't find the pacing was too difficult but then there's little to vary between slow and very slow. I did think about that today but decided I'd concentrate on one target at a time I can always speed up later.

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Chewy I'm going waaaay too fast and paying for it so am going to slow down on Wednesday! Thanks for the advice on thinking of other things. Will try it on the next run but have a feeling this is when I get carried away and run too quickly!!

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And good luck for the rest of W4!

Wow, to me that sounds fast. I don't have any gadgets to calculate my pace but there's one thing for sure it's slow. I came to a grinding halt on W4R2 because my pace was too quick. I repeated that run just to make sure. I'm now very concious about pacing myself. Currently on W5.

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Fraz73Graduate in reply to cazzania

Yes, too fast! Good luck in week 5. Looking forward to making it to W5 on Friday!

Hi Fraz,

I did Week 4 for the 4th time today. I found the other runs of w4 really tough so I thought better to run it again!

My average speed according to map my walk is usually around 3.3mph now on a good day (averaging out my walking and jogging). I found that a slightly shorter stride helped me get a good pace which I can maintain, without the knee & shin pain I had with the longer stride.

I felt really silly when I started taking smaller steps, I was sure I was going even slower! But I found that it actually increased my speed now I am more used to it. I even got into my zone today. Though I must say when I am doing the last 5 minute run and Laura starts to speak I always hope its to say I have one minute left, when actually I'm only half way through! :-)

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Hi arablue - yes I know that feeling on the last 5. When she says there's 2 minutes to go it seems an eternity! I'm going for an even pace on R3 rather than distance in the hopes that I can make it through without struggling on the last minute! Good luck with week 5!

lol...know exactly what you mean about how you feel when laura speaks and says how long you have left. I just so wish she wouldn't tell you when you are half way through, I'd prefer to know i was 3/4 of the way through. I'm sure the psychology of then knowing you only have to run a quarter of the time you have just run is much better than have to run the same time again....if you see what i mean??/

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Fraz73Graduate in reply to cazzania

Yep I totally agree. I'd rather Laura just didn't bother until it was time to finish and then we'd always be surprised and happy!!

Hi, I have the same problem with going too fast and risking not completing it. I did w5r1 today and was at a similar pace to you and it was really hard going. It's silly, my brain always tells me if I run quicker it will be over sooner, but it really doesn't work like that! silly brain!

Must pace myself better for w5r3!

Also, I swore out loud today at Laura when she told me I was only halfway through a run!

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Fraz73Graduate in reply to Rollertoaster

That makes total sense! I must be running quicker to try and make it end quicker!! I haven't sworn at Laura yet - only myself!!

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Thanks for the words of warning guys... so what I have to remember on W4 is not to run too fast. I don't log my distance/times at the moment, just concentrating on what Laura is saying and the really "interesting" music on the podcasts. Hope there's something good on W4

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I wouldn't hold your breath regarding the music eshaz14, but enjoy W4 anyway! :D

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Hey, well done, Fraz! You didn't quit and you won through in spite of it being so tough. I found W4 really hard for some reason. Lol about the music, I think w7 is the worst, I had to go back to w6R3's podcast cos it was driving me insane.

Your speed is amazing! Move over Usain, Fraz is on her way.

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Fraz is on 'his' way ;) And my speed was way too fast. Sorted it this morning on R3 though :)

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This sounds very familiar - I had the exact same problem of starting out too fast to begin with! Well done for sticking out the last run though despite being worn out :)

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