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Running With the B52s

I spent most of January on the injury couch, and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. In fact I couldn’t even raise any enthusiasm to even lurk in the background of the C25K forums, as it felt like such a set back.

But last week all pain had ceased in my hip, and I braved it outside, promising that I would ease myself in gently. So I was very good running 3.5k on Monday and ramping up to 4.5 k on Wednesday and finishing the week running intervals with my friend on Saturday, running 2.5 mins and walking for 1 over 5km. Pleased to say it was a pain free week, and I was feeling good.

So good that on Saturday afternoon I treated myself to a new running top and on Sunday rewarded myself further with a new pair of running shoes. Although the reward was slightly marred by the numpty in the sports shop that shall not be named, who instead of actually looking for any pair of shoes in the size I requested, just walked out of sight, counted to 30 then returned to me and said they were out of stock. 🤨 It was only after the fourth time another customer pointed out what he was doing and I did my best to keep calm and not explode 🤯.

Eventually I managed to find a member of staff who had some wits about him, who supplied me with a pair of shoes very similar to my previous runners... and I was happy.

Of course new shoes means a whole new reason to be motivated, and I was up and out the door on Monday in double quick time, clocking up a respectable 6.5k. My resolve faltered yesterday as I took my daughter on a spa day (she’s recovering from surgery and is fed up at home). Although we both took our running kit, there wasn’t time for a run, after I completed my first ever spin class, did a workout in the gym, had a swim (24 lengths), sat in the sauna then steam room and the availed ourselves of the delicious (and healthy) 3 course buffet lunch. Can you eat too much salad? It was then time for a glorious facial, some relaxation and reading, then a full body massage followed by a snooze by the pool.

So this morning I was even more resolved to get out and run. It was pretty cold out there, and the glassy sheets of ice were enough to put anyone off, but not me. Once the walk was over I started to warm up and gradually defrosted my face.

It was lovely out there, and I had one of those Disney Princess like moments, with all sorts of birds fluttering around me, dunnocks, coal tits, a thrush, some blue tits, robins and several others whose names I don’t know.

As I approached my first hill my legs started to feel the after effects of my spinning experience, but I was determined to continue. Helpfully the B52s Love Shack provided me with a catchy beat to keep me going and had me almost back to my lyric creating self...

🎶I was running through the park to the side of the road, I said,

“I’ll keep going on this Run Track.”

I’m heading up over the motorway

Jumping over ice on the way,

Headed for the bridleway.

I haven’t run far but now I’m running in hale,

And I’m heading along my run track.

My run track is little old path where I can get much fitter,

Run track, lady,

Run track, lady, run track.🎵

This spurred me on, and I was soon running up my never ending hill without too much trouble, and then homework bound.

I managed nearly 8k and was pleased with that. A pain free run but I’m feeling it in my hip this evening.

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Good going R :)


Blimey... what a comeback,,, You are a super star! Go you x


Wonderful (I envy both your spa time and your running)!! And another music track for the C25K music compilation ;-)


Great stuff all round, love your song version, your run, your spa day (very jealous!!). All so deserved after your stint on the IC, great recovery.... just makes you stronger inside and out! :)


Well done! I love,that track and run to it a lot. I love the bit “cos it’s hot as an oven” 😁 the whole shack shimmy. Brilliant 💪👍

Ever’body’s movin, everybody's groovin

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8k - blimey lady you're on fire... What a great run after all the wait to get back. I love the idea of you finding a salesperson who doesn't actually like selling. I would have got sooo annoyed, and maybe said something inappropriate.

My best middle aged grumpy woman comment is ' Are you making it deliberately difficult for me to spend money in here?' - I got that one from Mr JCR who obvs has his Victor Meldrew moments...

Oh and impressed with the bird watching too - we only have grotty pigeons here.

Nice that you're back and on song again... I've missed your twisted lyrics.

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Wooohooo! Great return- and love the surrounded by birds moment! 😀

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Brilliant..a fab run & with the B52’ can’t go wrong!! 😉

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