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5 minutes of running 🏃‍♂️

Such a lovely evening and that feeling of being able to run non stop for 5 mins, wow! Amazing!!!

Today was my W4R1, so in the week when we start running more and walking less. I was so apprehensive about this week, and am so proud of finishing the first run.

I’m still sticking to my old shoes that I bought few years back with no thought around using it for running. Till now I’m feeling this pair is serving well with no adverse effect, but I wanted to also hear about your experience around should I get a gait analysis done and buy a new running pair for the upcoming longer runs?

I noticed that my office shoes are wearing out more at the outer sides of the heel. Is it sign of anything unusual with how my feet is landing?


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Good job.

It is a definite feeling of accomplishment managing the full 5 minutes, isn't it?

My shoes always wear on the outer edges first, but my gait analysis showed as gait neutral, so you won't know for certain until you get it done.

Did you find that you had to adjust your route to compensate for the additional distance this week?

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Oh such a great feeling!

I did change my route today, but that was more due to the fantastic weather rather than the longer run.


Well done!

I haven’t had a gait analysis yet. My Nike trainers are so comfy! But I’m heading towards 10k now so I might get one done on the next month or so. Don’t want to be causing problems but at the same time I hope my current trainers are ok for me 👍🏽

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Check this out... your shoes, next to you are your best asset:)

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Well done! 5 minutes running is a huge achievement!


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