Running in the Algarve

I have just been lucky enough to have a beautiful week in the Algarve. Of course, the running shoes came along for the trip. When I dragged my husband out for a recce of places to run, I was amazed to find a running track right by the entrance to the hotel - only problem was that it was packed with very serious looking runners with coaches etc. All very intimidating!

However, further on down the road was a wooded area about the size of a couple of playing field which had been marked out with running trails which looped back and forth through the woods to create a track of about 2.5K. What a good idea and perfect place to run!

So early next morning I turned out for my run - oooh goody! no runners on the track so perhaps I wouldn't have to embarrass myself in front of the pros. To my dismay they had all migrated to the running trails, so I had quite an uncomfortable run trying to keep out of people's way as they raced past - a joyless bunch too - not one of them cracked a smile.

I went twice more and fortunately it was much quieter - ending up with only me and another elderly amateur on the Sunday morning.

My runs were slow - it was quite hilly, soft and sandy underfoot- but it was a delight to run through the scenery there, and I thought it very clever the way they had created a long run in a relatively small area. It has however confirmed my view that I definitely prefer to run in solitude!

grr! I've written this on the PC so that I could share the lovely photo, but it still won't load!!

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28 Replies

  • Lucky you - I love the Algarve!

  • What a great find I'm glad you enjoyed it eventually. I bet those sour pusses didn't enjoy their run as much as you! 😊 keep smiling.

  • No I guess if you are a serious competitor some of the joy and wonder goes out of it.

  • Sounds like a dream. Apart from the snooty runners, that is. Ah well, I'm sure karma will bite them on the bum at some point for being so aloof.

  • What a lovely place to have a holiday and it sounds like a lovely place to run too (barring the unfriendly runners). Glad you managed to get a couple of quiet runs in :)

  • Thanks. Had a really great week. I also did a brutal Pilates class and could hardly move for a couple of days!

  • You'll love it - I wish I had been able to post the photo!

  • Well done for getting back out there when all the serious people were about! I don't think I would have been brave enough!

    Hope you enjoyed the holiday!

  • I must admit that I felt pretty self-conscious although I think I was enjoying myself more than some of them!

  • Well done for getting out there on your holiday, especially after the busy first run. I like to be fairly alone too on my runs. What an amazing experience to run there though! How did you find running in the heat, or did you go early in the morning, etc when cooler? X

  • It was low twenties with a welcome cooling breeze, so not too bad at about 8am. I always sweat buckets though!

  • Well done for getting out there running. It's sooooo easy on holidays to take a break from running as well. Sounds slightly intimidating with all those pros, but so I'm impressed you went along and did it. I bet they now talk about how wonderful the UK c25k'ers are!

  • Now that I doubt somehow!😀

  • Well done Ully ! Yay, thats the spirit !

    You got out there and did your own stuff , and you did it with a smile on your face too !

    Hope you had a lovely time and youve brought the sunshine back with you ! :-) xxx

  • Had a really great time thanks Pops - good internet too so I could keep up with the forum .

  • Ha ha , Im like that Ully,

    I am addicted to this forum. I love it on here xxx

  • Have you tried lowering the size or the quality of the pixcels of the photo - that worked for me - don't know how I did it, just clicked on a few things until the correct prompt appeared. Sounds lovely hol - just what I love - over-doing the exercising!

  • That's worked thanks! Beyond my limited technical ability but roped my husband in to help!

  • Wot's an Algarve - and what does one look like???

  • well done on your holiday adventures Ully, sounds lovely and i bet you showed those serious runners how they should be, out enjoying themselves! :)

  • Oh that sounds lovely Ully. A track right by the hotel? Just made for you! I've been to the Algarve and it's just lovely. Are you or your husband golfers? Lots of great courses there.

    I think it's so mean when anyone doesn't smile back at you. It doesn't cost anything for heavens sake. Mean spirited, that's what I say. But it sounds as if it didn't spoil your run.

  • No not golfers - although there are loads of courses around. They seem to use gallons of water to keep them pristine!

  • When folks are really serious it gives me the giggles. Me and OH were once on hol and we ventured into a posh hotel as ours was the pits. They were having a disco and waved us in. Anyway us two with three left feet each, were throwing our shapes on the dance floor when a troop of Steptford Wives marched in with matching husbands. They were only a ruddy sequence dance team! Make-up by Readymix!!! Anyway there was a dance off that involved a pass the parcel game with a rubber chicken. Me and my husband won it. Yeah danced em off the floor. We had had a few. LOL

  • Bet you had a lot more fun than them!

  • Ha ha Miss W , this post is like the mad dreams that I have . Pass the parcel with a rubber chicken ha ha :-D

    Oh yeah, your husband knows all the dances on Strictly doesn't he ? I remember you saying that one time ....

    Top ,top post ! :-D xxx

  • Sounds lovely; glad you enjoyed it, despite the sourpuss professionals!

  • I was out in Almancil the weekend after Easter, and ran round the Vilar do Golf golf course at 8am - saw only lawn mowers and bunker smoothers. It was lovely. But I still can't figure out how to upload pictures - not even for my profile...

  • The trouble seems to be with the size of the photo - megabytes not millimetres. I took mine with my I-phone and it was too big to upload. My husband did something clever to reduce the size and that seems to have done the trick - sorry, beyond my competence to explain what!

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