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First time I've given up on a run - I need some motivational help!

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So, I started C25K at Christmas, got up to finishing week 7 then had to had to go into hospital for an operation, got a hospital acquired infection so was out of action for a few weeks. I started back at week 5, did run 1 three times, then worked my way up to W6R2, which should have been today. However, I did my warm up, started running and just thought "I can't do this", tried again, same, switched back to W6R1 and still couldn't go on so turned round and went home. This is the first time this has happened. I'm not being too hard on myself as I think it's probably because I'd been digging in the allotment all afternoon, and hadn't eaten since a late breakfast, then tried to go for a run at 6 o'clock. Not sensible.

I didn't expect to feel this down about it though. I suppose I should take that as a good sign that I want to run, but please someone give me a virtual kick up the bum to make sure I get back out there.

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Virtual boot up bum administered!

We all have bad runs, but no run is really a bad run. You know yourself why today didn't go as you wanted it to, so next time you go out, you won't be starving, you won't have spent the whole day in the allotment and things should go much better. Oh and I have given up on more than one run since I started. I'm still running though ;)


Consider yourself kicked! At least you went out and gave it a go, so you were tired and hungry, next one will be better, and you are right, the fact you feel down about it means you still want to do it. Enjoy your next one x


Sounds like you are kicking yourself enough already! One bad run is not a disaster. I can guarantee you it will be better next time. Well done for being out there after all your health problems. Just enjoy what you have already achieved!


Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has given up. Sometimes you can kid yourself on that every other runner is faster, fitter and more committed than you are. I will chill out tonight, enjoy my mother's day chocolates, and go out again tomorrow.


Go out the day after tomorrow. You still deserve a day rest in between. I think Laura telling us to have a day;s rest is incredibly helpful to keeping us motivated. You ran some even if not as much as you wanted- recover from it,


We learn by our experiences so today you have learned not to be so hard on your tired body. Gardening is very hard work so perhaps do your run first then the gardening after. The unplanted veg can wait another day and will not make you feel so bad. Enjoy your next run I'm sure it will be a successful one. :)


Digging an allotment is hard work - I know because I've got one as well. I try to avoid doing too much on the plot on running days. If I do anything it will just be a bit of planting or sowing. I know it takes a lot to keep on top of it though. You've pushed yourself a bit on the last run, when you were tired and hungry. Have another rest day and then give it another go - but be kind to yourself first. Good luck with the next run. Best wishes.

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Ohh Greenstar, I'm not going to kick you up the behind. I'll give you a virtual hug instead and pop round and weed that row of beetroot for you in the morning (virtually of course). You've been through a lot and pushed yourself to get back on track. It sounds like you need to cut yourself some slack and look at everything you have achieved and be proud. Enjoy the running when you feel able. :-)


Thank you all so much for your hugs and boots - Ruby, feel free to virtually weed my plot any time you like! I'll take your advice Azores and give myself a day off, I feel as if I've done a run anyway. At least I'll have lovely new potatoes to reward myself with after I've graduated.


Hello. You are doing really well so dont be so hard on yourself. I completed the programme and then I had a major mental block. Was feeling really worried at one point. Had managed to get my running up to 7k and then couldnt even manage 4k for a few runs, but I am doing a 10k race next sunday. So we have all been there and we get over it. So have your days rest and then get out there and smash it. Good luck x



I'm sure everyone goes through the same thing at some time or another. I know I certainly have.

I did the C25K last year and am now doing the C210K. The biggest thing I've learned is not to punish yourself when things dont go the way you want. I started running as means to get fitter but I found that it became a burden when constantly watching the clock. I was consumed in achieving the program and bettering my times and spent more time checking the timer rather than enjoying the surroundings and being happy just being able to get out and run. So I made a conscious decision to not worry about time or distance and just go out and enjoy, even stop now and again to pat a dog, say hello to someone or just admire the scenery. I'm still trying to do 10k in under 60 minutes but there's no rush.

So no kick up the bum from me just a reminder that there are a lot of people out there that for some reason can't get out there to run. So just make the most of it and enjoy it


First of all, getting back to it is half the battle so well done. Second, put this run right behind you. Sometimes it just doesn't click, the world is against us, we are too hungry/too full, don't over think it. The main part is you went out there with the intention to run - give it another go when you feel positive and good and go from there :) you can do it!


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