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Week 1 Day 1 - knackered

Completed my first run yesterday and I was knackered. Some serious muscle aches and tightness today. I don't think of myself as being particularly unfit and up until a year ago would go to the gym 3 times a week doing about 20km on the bike, 10km on the rowing machine and some weight work. New job meant that my old gym was a 15 mile drive out of my way so I cancelled my membership. I want to do something now that doesn't mean paying £35 a month so thought I would give running a try. I'm getting married next year and my 2 bridesmaids are serious runners so thought it might give us something to do together too.

I finished the first run on my own yesterday but was very out of breath and had covered 3km. My legs feel like lead today from calves rights up to hips. I've always avoided running in the past as I tore my cruciate ligaments 10 years ago and have suffered with fluid on my knee and weak, stiff knees ever since. My personal trainer at the gym told me to avoid the treadmill, hence the bike and rowing machine. I was really hoping this might be the gradual start that might allow my knee to cope. Have I started too fast? Should I try new shoes? Or is this just the usual first run aches?

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Hi Sharonh85

Did my first run week 1 yesterday and now wondering how on earth i am going to get my legs moving for run 2 feeling stiff today i think it must just be first run aches ......keep going


Hi Sharon, nice to 'meet' you! :-) (And you gypsy10!)

Here's what I think you should do:

1. See a sports physio (money well spent) to check that running really is the right thing for you. Treadmills are generally said to be easier on the knees than running outside and as you were advised to avoid them I think this is worth finding out about. If your GP's good at sports you could go to him, if not, a sports physio is your best bet. He can also advise you about stretches etc.

2. If you're given the all clear, get a good pair of shoes from a store which gives you gait analysis as well.

3. Do knee exercises to strengthen your legs. Here are a few:


Note the bit that says these should not be painful.

4. Slow right down, at least until your legs can cope with what you're asking them to do. Never run with anything more than a minor niggle. (I did, put me out for months)

Good luck and let us know how you get on! :-)


Perfect advise from Mitts & the only thing I would add is learn how to stretch your muscles after every run. (there is some post run stretches on the C25k website too)

Running impacts your muscles much more than cycling or rowing, so stretching out after is crucial.... don't rush through them, you should aim to hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds, I also find it helps if I do stretches immediately after I run and then repeat them an hour later, then if really bad, repeat them again.


Hi Congratulations on starting the program. Might you be going too fast? Slow and steady gets you there lots of us have found. 3k on day one sounds tremendously fast! Are you sticking to the program? Week one is only 8 x 1 minute with walking in between. I know it sounds trivial but I can guarantee (as can everyone else on this site( that doing the prescribed intervals and building up gradually is what gets/got us there. Laura knows exactly how to advise us. I only managed 3.5k on my graduation run! The program is to build endurance first of all. Yes shoes are very important indeed. I wouldn't have started without having my gait analysed and shoes fitted.


Thanks for your advice. The 3k did include the warm up 5 mins walk. There's no way I could have run it outright.


I did 3k too including the warm up. I suppose it could depend on your stride. I had knee ops a year ago so know how you feel about aggravating an old condition. I'm just going to do what I can and listen to my body. Well done!


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