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the end of week 3....ouch

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. today i learned i still dont like saturday mornings, and adding a run to that is a great idea. but hey, lesson learned. Today i also found the danger of going out too fast, as my walking pace fell of the cliff to speak so same distance as the last run, a better pace for the run part, but the walk became a crawl.

disapointed yes, but lesson learned to watch the pace.

next week i am getting gait checked again and the carbon fibre insoles may need adjusting as its just not quite working for me, but that should be donequickly.

thanks for all your kind words this week, its meant a lot. i've also roped a work colleague to be my motivational man to make sure iget out there and push me, so thanks to him too.

good luck every one for the running you are about to do, and well done if you'vebeen out already.

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Each week the demands step up and you need to allow your body a chance to get used to this extra activity. So don't push too hard and you will very soon see your recovery times improve, when you walk. The structure of the plan is brilliant and in just a few weeks you WILL be running for 30 minutes without break.

Congratulations on your progress. Keep running, keep posting.

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Keep going, you can do this,don't panic about distance or speed at this stage. I've just completed wk 8 and still very slow, but I think I will concentrate on speed and distance once I've graduated, (fingers crossed). it will be like new target. Keep posting


Slowly slowly catchy monkey!


Indeed but the monkey scampered of into the distance !


Saturday morning runs dont agree with me either... Im starting to think its just saturdays in general!

Looks like a few of us have found it tough this week but you have completed week 1 and now you are well on your way!

Well done for getting out there! Xx


Hang on in there you're doing great. We all have to learn that "don't rush it" at some point & you've got it out of the way quite quickly.


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