I survived week one run 1!

So as you can tell, I started c25k today. I can already run for 5 minutes and went out running yesterday too. I was quite nervous to start, thinking that I would give In. I'm actually surprised that I made it. The runs were fairly short and I was completely recovered during the walking period.

Because I found the exercise easy I added two more runs, is that okay?

also I am trying to loose weight. Will this affect me (being heavier)? Will it aid in weight loss?


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  • Hi Natasha, I was dieting while going through C25K as I don't think the running on the programme is enough to make a difference on its own.

    However, when you graduate, if you run for 30 mins, 3 times a week you should notice a difference.

    I have slowly built up the distance I run, have reached my target weight and do not have to diet any more. I have changed the food I eat as I quickly feel the difference If I eat "rubbish" too often. I still treat myself to a takeway, but only once a week!

  • I am dieting now and going to the gym 4 times a week and resistance three times a week. I am also giving a personal trainer a go to keep me on track. After exercise in the morning I usually feel sluggish again come afternoon. Therefore I decided to take up this 5k challenge to keep me active throughout the day 😊

  • Wow Natasha, you are certainly going for it!

    I did the 5:2 diet, but didn't incorporate anywhere near as much activity as you. You will need to make sure you have sufficient calorie intake to give you the energy you will need. No wonder you feel sluggish!

  • Due to an eating disorder whereby I was eating 500 calories a day, I am struggling to get my intake higher. Today I reached 1000 calories for the first time in a while however I only managed half of dinner,I hope it didn't set be back below 1000

  • Hi Natasha, I have a friend with an eating disorder and they are nasty illnesses. Take it easy and look after yourself.

  • Hi Natasha, I also just started today and am hoping to lose weight as well as get fit. It'll be hard going but we will do it. We will be skinny-minnies and running for miles in no time lol. Good luck

  • I'm sure we will, have seen results in weight loss so far so will hopefully see results with this challenge as long as I keep going.x

  • Excellent, I'm happy to hear that you noticed results. I'm completely new to running so I have my fingers crossed that this will help with the weight loss

  • As long as you persiver I'm sure you will notice results within a couple weeks

  • I've lost 2 stone since April but my weight loss since I've started running has been minimal and I haven't changed my diet. Apparently, it's not unusual. I was gutted but am getting used to it now and hopefully it will change again at some point. Fingers crossed 😃

  • Well done for starting - and for all the other things you have taken on!

    You will probably not lose a lot of weight just from the C25K programme, but as an add-on to your other activity and healthy eating, it will certainly help. For quite a while, your body will probably put on as much weight in additional bone density, glycogen, water, muscle etc as you lose in fat by running. However, it's much healthier to have your weight in those types of tissues and you'll feel better for it.

    Also, once you can run a good distance it opens the door to some good, long, calorie-burning runs if that's the way you want to go. According to my Garmin, my long run the other Saturday morning was worth nearly 1800 calories - you have to practically skip a day eating to make that difference in diet.

    Running can make you feel hungry, so do watch that it doesn't make you snack on unhealthy things, but also do make sure you are taking enough energy to support all the activity you are doing.

    Good luck!

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