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Week 2 run 1 struggle!!!

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Hi all!!! I'm 52 years old and determined to get fit, I lost almost 2 st over the course of last year, had a hysterectomy 4 months ago and now I feel fab for the first time in quite a few years. So after doing week 1, I was raring to go on WK 2!!!! 90 seconds feels like an eternity at the moment, am praying it gets easier on run 2 tomorrow Lol!!!!

12 Replies
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Hi, did you run W2R1 today? Because if it is the case, you shouldn't run tomorrow and give your body time to recover. And... slow down on your next run: you don't have to rush through the 90 seconds. Take your time and paradoxically, you might find those 90 seconds quite short and very enjoyable.

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Cola65Graduate in reply to Anthie

No, run 1 was Monday, my muscles are aching today, so I've been for a walk and planning to attempt run2 tomorrow. I probably started off to quickly, got to try to pace myself better, I'll get there tho!!!

Well done. Follow the programme to the letter. Run at a nice slow joggle and you will be fine :)

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Yes, you are right I need to go slower I think, and try to stick to the flat area's, problem is my house is on a hill!! I think I'll enjoy it once I get more able.

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Well done to you sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I am similar age to you and just finished week3. You can do it if I can ! Good luck with ur next run after the rest day.

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Cola65Graduate in reply to CatMo13

Thanks, I think I'm going to need lots of willpower to get through this challenge tho!!! I couldn't have chosen a worse month to start could I, dark, cold, wet and windy!!! Hey ho, if I can do it now, the spring and summer will be a breeze.

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IgaTGraduate in reply to Cola65

It's a perfect time to start. First of all, because it is NOW ;) Second of all the days are getting longer and every day we have a bit more of daylight, so with time it will get easier. And your willpower will be strong as never, as you go out there not only in nice sunny weather ;)

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Slow and steady.. rest days essential and remember to listen to your body too:)

It may not get easier, but...you do get stronger..much stronger. use your rest days for other non impact exercises... :)

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Yes, I thought I might do cross trainer on rest days when possible, I also do quite a lot of walking too. Still need to be careful with exercises for core at the moment because of operation 4 months ago.

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90 seconds will appear really short and nice jog when you get to week 3 ;)

You are doing fabulous! Keep up the great work! Post here, good, bad, and the ugly!

Welcome to running family, who is alwyas with you.

Happy running!

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Thanks for the encouragement, it's really appreciated, run 2 tonight... Hope the wind and rain stop by then!!! I shall need windscreen wipers for my glasses!!! Lol.

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I know the feeling, but you achieved the run. Just remember to have a rest day between runs.

Great to see someone the same age as me tackling the C25K. I thought I was too old and heavy for this, but determined.

Keep going. We can do this.

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