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Week 1 run 2

Warning!!! If you don't like swearing, moaning or complaining read someone else's post!

I F*ck#ng hate rain! I hate near monsoon rain even more.

My back hurts, my legs ache & I did my run in slightly loose boxer shorts, the result being my nuts resembling a set of maracas.

On the plus side how great do I feel?

1. Only smoked 24 fags since my 1st run on Sunday (a min 50% reduction)

2. I have drunk at least 2 x 500 ml bottles of water yesterday & today

3. Done more exercise in the last 72 hours than I have in the 20 years.

Despite aching all over I feel amazing, I don't usually stick anything for long, except smoking & moaning but roll on Thursday & run 3.

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Brilliant! Well, I think if you're cutting down on the smoking, the moaning allowance is allowed to rise slightly!

Going out in the rain is a good start, though, if you don't let it put you off. I find it really nice, because it cools me down, and makes it less obvious that I'm actually sweating a lot.

Good luck with run 3. And with increasing that exercise count. I think I was the same in that sense, more exercise in the three runs than in the last few years!

Keep it up, and if you feel yourself losing motivation, you've already found the best remedy on this site.


Well done you for getting off the couch and learning to lead a healthier life style. Sorry I cant empathise with your problem but thanks for the giggle. (sorry)

Good luck with your next run.


I love a bit of swearing, and moaning!

Well done for sticking at it, It does get more enjoyable once your fitness improves and the aching will stop.

Can't help with the boxer shorts though!


Haha! Glad you feel good. Sorry about the undercarriage(!) You can get gait analysis for trainer fitting so maybe you can get other parts analysed too, for shorts fitting(!) Good luck with the programme and keep posting :)


I hope they don't sound like maracas, cos if they do we need a health warning published real quick "Boxers make maracas knackered" :) Well done on running in the rain its a common occurance this summer in UK though. Keep going, you'll be fine and better for the cutting down on the fags.


LOL... You are hilarious. At least you don't have to take your nuts to be handled and measured by sales people like woman do for support garments for their jiggly bits...


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