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W2 R2 👟👟😁😁

Yay W2 R2 completed. I found this run tougher than the others... not sure why? Maybe it's because I was meant to do the run on Thursday and procrastinated.... but once I was half way through, my spirits lifted and felt myself singing out loud 💃💃💃💃. The only issue i have is a pulled/ twinge muscle on my inner thigh. Hey no 😁. Have an awesome Saturday evening everyone x

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Well done.

If you have pulled a muscle then rest up. There is no point exacerbating it. Learning to listen to our bodies is a central part of becoming a runner.

Read the guide to the plan for general advice.


I did w2r2 last night too, and found it hard going. My excuse is I’d already walked 15,000 steps before I started getting ready for my run - considerably more than my average day! But we got through it, and it’s on to the next one...


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