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W2 R2

Thanks to those who those who commented on my last post. I really did think of you when I was sitting at work this afternoon, umming and ahhing about going for a run today.

I tend to wake up in the mornings anywhere between 4 and 6, lay awake for a while and then go back to sleep before I get up at the last minute (7.10). I had thought that I would use this time a bit more constructively and go for a morning run. Well, I abandoned that plan and had the usual 'lie in'. I very nearly ducked out of a run this evening as well but I remembered the reasons that I want to run and went when I got home.

My stats tracked by mapmyrun don't make a lot of sense. 3.77km in 30 mins 20 secs. Less far than on Saturday, which I put down to standing about waiting for cars to pass. It is a nice, warm evening though and I feel much better than I did after run 1 :-)

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Well done! :-) Bet you feel better for getting out there!

As an early morning runner myself, I can say that getting up that bit earlier to run is well worth it. :-)

Good luck for run three! :-)


You made the right decision to go for a run. If you need any motivation, just remember that we will be waiting for your next update :-)

Keep running.


Brilliant. I like to run in the morning or in an evening while it's quiet :-) good luck with your future runs.


Well done with winning the battle in your mind ans stepping out the door. I'm like you, I struggle to drag myself out of bed in the morning, I find it helps to have all my running gear laid out ready to go. Good luck.


Well done on winning that battle to get out there for a run, I still struggle sometimes, but I just have to remind myself that it feels fab getting out there


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