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W2 R2


I’m on week two and completed my second run this evening after work.

I found it more challenging than the first time round for this week. It might have been because I took a different route to normal that has a bit more of a hilly terrain. I also got a stitch right at the end that didn’t do me any favours!

Still trying to work out a good rhythm for breathing - counting doesn’t work great for me as I start to get distracted....!

Looking forward to the third run for this week because I’ll have my training partner (aka boyfriend) back to cheer me on!


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Just run and just breathe.... take it slow and take it steady:)

well done !! take it steady and breathe dont over think x

I found this run harder than w2 r1 to. Out again later for w2r3 wish me luck x

I found that run really hard too but I did W3R2 this morning and I was shocked by how much easier it was. It felt really good to run for 3 mins where as last week I was struggling with 90mins. What a difference a week makes. Keep it up- you can do it!

Elizabeth74 in reply to CEBi

I am actually a bit scared of week 3. I’m considering repeating week 2.

I’m worried about it too! I’m going to try my best and if I really struggle, I will repeat week two as well. Good luck!

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