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Top of Foot Injury

Anyone have problems with the top of their foot hurting. Working on 10 minutes of running...yeah not much but haven't been at this long and all of the sudden my right foot hurts. Just the top and it keeps me awake at night. Doesn't hurt when I run. Using ice etc. but stopped running for a couple of days. Google tells me to lace my shoes differently but they already are laced that way...

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Where are you on the programme?

I only ask as shoes become more and more important as you progress. There is some great info here, including which shoes and gait analysis.

I have my laces quite loose other than around my ankle which may be worth a try.


Loose laces might work. As you get further your feet might get hot and bothered


It could be as simple as laces. It was for me. I didn’t know any better so pulled my laces really right

There are several lacing patterns if you google. Well worth a look, as our feet are all different 🙂


Thanks...went to a running store, just because, he thought I was pulling the laces a little too tight. But I did find that stretching the lower legs help a lot too. So onward...but darn it is cold here. 5 degrees today. Ugh I am staying inside.


Thanks...didn't think something so simple could make your feet hurt. Last night got a good night of sleep finally so the pain is better.


In addition to stretching, on the days in between running, incorporate exercises to strengthen soft tissue (muscles/ligaments/tendons) of the feet and lower legs, since they're often neglected, yet remain key to ensuring that running remains enjoyable and largely injury free.

For the calves, perform standing and seated calf raises (concentrate upon lowering gym/body weight to the start over 2-3s, placing weight through the big toe and ball of the foot, while a stretch is felt throughout the calf).

For the feet, perform towel scrunches (place a small towel beneath the toes and repeatedly scrunch and release the toes, grabbing the towel, until the towel crumples beneath the feet).

For the shins, strengthen the tibialis anterior (sit in a chair, with feet flat on the floor. Keeping heels in contact with the floor, proceed to raise toes towards the shins, holding the movement for a second before relaxing). After a few reps, a burning sensation should be felt above the ankle.

Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps per exercise and you should hopefully find that far greater control is exercised when repeatedly placing one foot in front of the other.

Remember, as much as you run to increase fitness, you must also condition the body so that it remains fit to run.


thank you. I have to admit stretching is the part I often skip as I run out of time. Guess I am paying the price.


The warm and cool down is important. Don’t skimp.


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