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Foot Injury :(

Ok, so yes, I have a docs appointment, but that is a few days away :(

Hoping for some insight until then.

I obtained an injury when I decided to go and do some hill training, shortly after graduating my C25K on a nothing but flat canal paths.

I suspect that suddenly hammering it downhill wasn't the best idea.

There is a pain underneath my foot, not quite on the fat pad that contacts the ground, but marginally forward from the pad.

I also have tightness on what feels like my achillies - e.g. a tighness/pain up the lower back of calf when striding far forward and/or bending leg over foot as when going down steps etc ..

Also, outer heel (you know, the knobly bit - fibula ?) looks swollen .

My guess is that I've just generally 'bashed' my foot in several places.... but I have no idea whether to rest or excercise or heat or ice pack or .... ??

Any tips ?

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RICE should help until you see the doc. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. I suffered my first injuries soon after graduating and it is a reminder that you haven't yet achieved super hero status (give it time). I hope it clears up soon. Good luck.


Thanks. But I am concerned when you say that I have not achieved 'super hero' status ? Does this also mean that I am mortal ?

I am SO gutted at being resigned to the couch after all the achievement so far.

But in seriousness, I was reading about sprains/strains on the NHS site and this bit got me :

"Generally, you should keep moving a sprained joint but immobilise a strained muscle."

How do you tell which is which !?!?

I guess that' what a GP is for !?

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Too much rush to achieve immortality will lead to injuries. Patience is the order of the day. In the scheme of things a few days off will be insignificant to a "soon to be immortal" running god.

You normally know when you've sprained will have been aware of the moment you acquired the injury. Strains often show up after the event. That at least is my opinion on the matter.

I have a very tight achilles tendon in my right leg and have to stretch it first thing every morning, by standing with toes on a step and dropping the heel below for 30 seconds. This started in the first weeks of C25k, but only got to bother me after I graduated and started to push a bit harder. I have talked informally to a sports physio who said that many of us are asymmetrical and that you need to try to keep everything in balance. As you develop muscles in one area others that are not exercised by running need to be developed too. If the problems persist it is worth getting checked out as it may be structural, eg. unequal length legs.

I found interesting stuff on injuries all over the web, Runners World in particular being helpful. It is a fascinating area that you have to embrace as part of your running survival plan.


Simon, how's the foot? Remember RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for strains and sprains with 15 min max time for ice in one hour. If you can take anti-inflamatories do.


My experience of doctors and running injuries is that they are absolutely useless. Expect to be told to take 400mg of ibruprofen 3 times a day.


Aye, this is what I've found for sure.

And to be fair, I can't criticise the GPs for this, they do a fantastic job at keeping us alive ... I don't expect them to support my 'hobbies' on top of that already miraculous task.

After making some enquiries, I've found a local Sports Clinic that will do me a 45 minute assessment session @ £30. I think any follow ups will be £20 (30 minutes)... not half as bad as I imagined.

No, I don't want to add expense to what should be a simple recreation, but when I look around at the price of shoes, this £30 is nothing.

Appointment tomorrow, so will come back to 'review' my experience !


K, update.....

So for £30 he sprinkled some fairy dust, and then I got up and ran 10k !!

If only :(

In truth , he declared no serious injury; spent about 30 mins probing/massaging the individual bones and muscles of my foot/calf/shin; checked out my running shoes and ...

... told me to do a week of cycling, then I can get slowly back into the running.

Running in a week ?

I'll tell you now, that if I am running in a week, I shall be eating one sweaty hat !

But the prospect has excited me.

Straight back home, give the bike a once over, and I'm ready to hit the trail with confidence tomorrow.

I'll admit, I have been maybe negatively prejudiced against some of these 'sports therapies' ... but now having suffered the misery of not being able to run, I am seriously hoping this story will change how I see a few things.


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