Frustrating injury

I'm so fed up, I have a sprain which I just can't shake. I twisted my ankle on a rocky beach a few weeks ago, and the tendons on top of my foot were very sore for a few days, but I could still jog. I got up to W4R2 and then my knee started to feel like it wasn't supporting me while running. I walk many km per day, I am a dog walker amongst other things, and without discomfort, but as soon as I start to run, it is shooting pains, tenderness. I can't "rest up" as I lead a very active life, and I am worried that when this finally does get better, my progress will have been lost.

Any physio help and tips would be appreciated, I think it's a sprain of the tendons on the top of my foot. On my knee, the pain seems to be from impact while running, on the outside of the knee. I can jog for maybe two minutes and then it is too painful.


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13 Replies

  • Might not be the answer you wanted, but... 1. See your GP and 2. ask them for a referral to a physio.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  • I will, thanks. Ha! I really think I was expecting some kind of quick fix, but back in the real world, shit happens, and I will go to GP and then physio. Cheers.

  • I feel your frustration! I was on the IC with a stress fracture for 6 weeks..

    I also couldn't' 'rest up' either.. but I kept up with upper body strength... weights/dumbells.. streaching and leg excersise keeping knee straight.. swimming was invaluable.. worst was keeping my mood up.. I went to doctors and had an xray..saw the fracture which helped as I now knew the cause and helped me realise I had to rest it as much as possible..

    On a brighter note.. unbelivably I ran for the first time on Monday as a test run and managed 20 minutes... and yesterday successfully ran back on track at week 8 run 3 half hour.. So you may not lose much fitness atall:) but really if you in pain for much longer you should seek medical advice

    Good luck and hope you on the mend soon x

  • Sounds great, well done. I'm itching to run, this is what it does to you, but I'll stick to weights and walking for now. Physio next week with a bit of luck.

  • How's the ankle/ knee injury coming along? Have you seen a doctor yet?

    Hope your keeping good spirits x

  • Hi, I've made an appointment to see doc next week, and I'll ask for a referral. I tried a small jog yesterday and it was not too bad, but as I do a lot of dog walks, I can handle the light stuff. Don't want to make it worse, but I feel much better after everybody's advice, and less guilty that I've had to stop the programme for now. Funny how I can't wait to get out there again, when a few weeks ago I was crapping it about running a minute!

  • You say you can't rest, but surely you could remain active-ish(!) whilst avoiding running for a while? I am sure it will settle if you avoid the aggravating exercise. Better to choose not to run now, than risk it getting even worse by trying to do too much. Sorry, I know this is not what you want to hear but running will still be there for you when you are properly healed🙂. Good luck.

  • Rest! I have a calf injury sustained when running week 5 and have now been on the injury couch for seven weeks seeing everyone that started at the same time graduating! I paid for four physio sessions that helped and she thinks in a couple of weeks I can start again by jogging on the spot and building up so that's what I plan, hopefully can start couch to 5 k again by July. Gonna start week one again as will have lost the fitness I had l can now walk a couple of miles though leg still sore

  • Thanks all, for your kind replies, and advice. I can "rest" while still walking, and I can keep my fitness up by doing strengthening and stretching, and exercise bike.

  • Definitely go see a physio. Mine sorted out knee issues (quad strengthening exercises) and got me running again after a broken ankle. During one session he told me about a patient in his 70s who came to him with back pain. The man had a limp unrelated to the back pain caused by an ankle injury in his 30s. The physio cured the limp in a couple of sessions. Moral of the story: ankles are funny things and sometimes injuries don't get better on their own.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Cheers, i am definitely leaning toward going to a physio.

  • My own GP has been useless when I've been to her with running injuries, tending to attribute them to age 😱 which may be a contributory factor but doesn't mean there's nothing can be done. So go to your GP if you think they will refer to physio or, if you can afford it, pay for private physio because they really know the workings of the body and know what's needed to remedy injuries. But, frustrating as it may be, don't keep on as that's where greater injury lies.

  • I have been several times to our local surgery over a few years and have never even seen the doctor, such is the demand! I'll definitely go with this though and get a referral as people on here have suggested. Thanks for the reply.

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